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Sedo's Expiring Auctions are the new avenue for valuable, expiring domain names that have been put up for auction. Now it's easier (and cheaper!) to get your perfect domain name. Choose from over 2 000 new daily additions, starting at only 79 €.

Auctions last for 7 days, and you can bid anytime during that period. Place the winning bid and get that domain name that you've been keeping an eye on. You may also place a proxy bid! If someone else places a higher bid, the system will automatically bid for you until your maximum bid amount is reached.

Expiring Domains RSS Feed

Subscribe to our Expiring Domains RSS feed and stay up-to-date on all of the new expiring names being placed in our auctions. 2,000 new, valuable domains will be added every day. You can also save a personalized search with your favorite filters and save your search query for future bargain hunts. Learn more about how to buy domains at Sedo and place your winning bid!  

Advantages of Expiring Domains

There are many reasons why buying an expiring domain makes a lot of sense!

Money Saver

Instead of buying traffic through search engine ads, buy an expiring domain that already has traffic from its previous business! Each click from an existing user means less ad spending for you and your wallet. Buying an expiring domain means you can benefit from the value and authority of domain names that were in use up until very recently. Now that we offer this type of domain auction, you don't have to create all new buzz for your new domain. It's already there!

Search engine suitability

SEO Boost

Benefit from a domain name that has already been in use and has received backlinks from other websites. Why is this a good thing? More backlinks means better rankings in search engines! And if you have a professional website to run, you can also find a keyword domain that relates to your business! That way you don't have to start from scratch when you start your online business with an expiring domain name. 

Hidden Gems

Expiring Domains are web addresses that were in use just recently. This means you could finally find the domain you were always eyeing while it was already in use! With over 2 000 new domains being added on a daily basis, you'll be able to find domain gems to kickstart your online business in no time! (--> Learn how to establish your business with the right domain name)

Low Prices

Expiring Domain Auctions at Sedo start as low as 79 €. That is the lowest we've ever offered domains for! Start bidding now and buy the perfect domain from our expiring domains feed. We offer domains for personal and professional online goals and projects, and with our variety of search filters, we make sure you find the domain you need.


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