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Secure and trusted domain transfer service at Sedo

Transfer Domains at Sedo

Sedo's Domain Transfer Service offers buyers and sellers a secure and trusted intermediary for transferring the purchase price and domain name to complete a sale.

Your benefits with Sedo's Domain Transfer Service:

  • Free of charge for all domains purchased through Sedo.
  • A secure and trusted intermediary for transferring the purchase price to ensure your payment is safe.  
  •  Personal assistance to reduce the risk that your domain will be lost through fraud or technical error.
  • External Domain Transfer Service for sales conducted outside of Sedo for a small fee based on a percentage of the sales price (please see Price List; minimum fees apply).

See our Price List for detailed information and our minimum commissions.

Receive a Domain Sales Contract
Step 1: Receive a Domain Sales Contract

Both parties receive a sales contract template which is professionally drawn up to suit the needs of standard domain or website sales.

Payment to Escrow Account
Step 2: Payment to Sedo Customer Account

The buyer places the funds in their Sedo customer account via wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card (Paypal and credit card may not be available for payments exceeding a certain amount). 

Technical Domain Transfer
Step 3: Technical Domain Transfer

Sedo works with both parties and their registrars to quickly and securely transfer the domain. Through our large network of registrars we can ensure the most efficient domain transfer possible. Sedo's Domain Transfer Service applies to the domain name and purchase price only. The transfer of any related website content or additionally negotiated items must be arranged between the parties directly. 

Payment to Seller
Step 4: Payment to Seller

Once Sedo confirms that the buyer has control of the domain name, we remit the funds to the domain seller and the transaction is finished.

External Domain Transfer Service

If you are a domain buyer or seller, you can secure your domain transfers using Sedo's Domain Transfer Service  even if the transaction was not conducted through Sedo. To get started with the external domain transfer service, email our transfer specialists and provide the following information: 

  • Domain name
  • Agreed Price (USD/EUR/GBP)*
  • Seller's full name and Email
  • Buyer's full name and Email 
  • Seller's Sedo Login Name
  • Buyer's Sedo login name
  • Notice if domain transfer should be kept private
  • Which party has agreed to pay the Sedo commission fee
    (please see Price List; minimum fees apply)
  • Buyer's and Seller's confirmation of acceptance of Sedo's Domain Transfer Agreement

Please be advised that if you reach an agreement outside of Sedo's Domain Marketplace but want to use the Domain Transfer Service to conduct the transfer, if the domain is listed for sale on the Sedo Domain Marketplace, the commission fee will be calculated according to the rates posted on the Price List for sales occurring on the Domain Marketplace. 

To get started with the External Domain Transfer Service or to submit a question please contact our Domain Transfer team.

*Additional fees may exist through your registrar or bank. There is an additional 3% express processing fee added for payments over $500 made using Alipay and PayPal and Credit Card.

Always secure with Sedo


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