External Transfer Service

Protect deals made outside of Sedo.

Use our reliable Transfer Service even for agreements reached outside of our platform. Set up a customer account – and we will ensure a secure and hassle-free domain transfer.

  • Affordable - Fees start at just 3% of the domain purchase price
  • Personal - Dedicated representative for all questions throughout the transfer of domains
  • Secure - Reliable transfer of payment and domain ownership through Sedo's neutral account

Complete Your Deal Safely

Have you sold your domain outside of our platform and now want to safely transfer it to the new owner? We will be happy to assist you! The transfer to a new provider is completed using Sedo's Domain Transfer Service.

Backed by over 15 years of experience, our domain professionals will assist you every step of the way with what can be a complicated process. The Sedo transfer team can shed light on the complex terminology and technical facets of domain management while providing individualized consultation ensuring your domain's relocation to a new provider or owner is hassle-free.


The applicant is charged a fee of 3% of the gross selling price (note the minimum fee). Upon request, we will also assist you in dividing the fee between the buyer and seller. Additional fees may exist through your registrar or bank. There is an additional 3% express processing fee added for payments over $500 made using Alipay and PayPal and Credit Card.

Please note: If you reach an agreement outside of our marketplace and the domain is also listed on Sedo's marketplace, then the same commission shall be charged as for sales on the domain marketplace.

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