Transfer Services

Transfer domains securely after the completion of a sale.

Perfect for both buyers and sellers: Our reliable Transfer Service provides secure notification of the purchase price and the seamless transfer of ownership of the domain.

Buy and securely transfer domains now

Security for buyer + seller

Your benefits

  • Free and automatic domain Transfer Service for all domains purchased via Sedo
  • Maximum security when paying for and transferring the domain
  • Includes purchase agreement and personal support for a seamless and professional transfer
  • Available also for domains purchased externally: reliable transfer protection for domain purchases outside of our platform

Security for buyers and sellers – with no ifs, ands, or buts

Included for free

Peace of mind when transferring domains

As soon as the buyer and seller have reached an agreement using our trading platform, our free Transfer Service ensures secure payment and transfer of the domain.

Our Transfer Service doesn't just include a purchase agreement specifically tailored to domains and web projects. You will also be assigned a dedicated Sedo representative for any questions concerning payment and the transfer until the domain ownership has been completely transferred.

The principle here is both simple and trusted: The technical and legal transfer of the domain begins as soon as the customer pays the purchase price to a neutral account provided by Sedo. Then the purchase price is transferred from that account to the seller as soon as the domain ownership has officially changed hands.

  • Free and secure: reliable service for all domain purchases and sales made through Sedo
  • Secure payment of the domain purchase price to the seller
  • Seamless transfer of the domain ownership to the buyer
  • Individual purchase agreement and dedicated representative for all questions during the Domain Transfer ·        
  • Sedo Transfer service is included free of charge as long as the domain purchase was made on our platform (standard marketplace pricing applies).

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Affordable security for all

Protection for agreements reached outside of Sedo

Use our reliable Transfer Service even for agreements reached outside of our platform. Set up a customer account – and we will ensure a secure and hassle-free domain transfer.

When carrying out transactions through our domain marketplace, you can be sure that everything will always be done correctly and efficiently. This is not always the case for transactions outside of the Sedo platform.

With our Transfer Services, you benefit from maximum security even when agreements are made outside of our platform, regardless of your role in the transaction. We always ensure that sellers securely receive payments. And buyers can be certain of acquiring ownership of their new domain quickly and easily.

  • Affordable and guaranteed to be secure: transfers of domains not listed at Sedo
  • Optimal security for sellers and buyers: reliable payment and domain transfer processes
  • Individual purchase agreement and dedicated representative for all questions throughout the transfer of domains
  • The service fees can be split between buyer and seller
  • Fees start at just 3% of the domain purchase price

External Domain Transfer

Please send us the following data for external transfers:

Domain name, price* and if applicable, VAT ID of the sales partner

E-mail addresses and Sedo login names of the buyer and seller

Information of which party will pay the transfer fees

Whether the transfer is to be kept confidential or can be made public

Consent from both the buyer and seller for the Domain Transfer Agreement

Please note: If you reach an agreement outside of our marketplace and the domain is also listed on Sedo's marketplace, then the same commission shall be charged as for sales on the domain marketplace. See Price list. There might be additional fees charged to you by your registrar or bank. There is an additional 3% express processing fee added for payments over $500 made using Alipay and PayPal and Credit Card. 


"My transaction within the Sedo Transfer Center progressed with no problems whatsoever. Thanks to the personal contact with the transfer expert, I was always informed about every step of the domain transfer."


"With Sedo's transfer service, I was able to use Paypal to quickly transfer the money for my domain hassle-free."


"After selling my domain on Sedo, I was paid in timely manner and found the transfer process to be highly professional."



Do you want to move your domain to a new provider?

Our professionals will help you with the domain transfer process.

Domain purchase agreement

Upon agreement, both the buyer and seller will receive a free purchase contract from us, specifically tailored to domains or web projects at no additional charge.

Payment to neutral account

The buyer pays the domain's agreed purchase price by wire transfer, PayPal or credit card into a neutral account provided by Sedo.

Trouble-free domain transfer

Our transfer specialists work with both partners and their web hosting companies or registrars to quickly and safely transfer the domain.

Payment to the seller

The seller is paid as soon as the buyer is registered as the new owner and assumes full control of the domain. It's that simple!

Do you want to move your domain to a new provider?
Let our professionals help you with the transfer process

Have you sold your domain and now want to transfer it to the new owner? We will be happy to assist you!

The transfer to a new provider is completed using Sedo's domain Transfer Service.

Backed by many years of experience, our domain professionals will assist you every step of the way with what can be a complicated process. The Sedo transfer team can shed light on the complex terminology and technical facets of domain management while providing individualized consultation ensuring your domain's relocation to a new provider is hassle-free.

External Domain Transfer

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