united-domains – Largest European Registrar to implement New SedoMLS Brokerage

Introducing our new SedoMLS Brokerage Service already being implemented by some of the world's largest registrars.

BOSTON, Mass. – July 8, 2020 – Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider has announced a newly released feature for registrars that will further strengthen the bonds between the primary and secondary markets: SedoMLS Brokerage Service. Registrar customers can now get the domains they really want while domain sellers gain increased access to even more buyers.  All registrars who are part of the SedoMLS network can now easily expand their integration to include the newly available SedoMLS Brokerage. united-domains is the largest European registrar to join other SedoMLS partners such as SAV.com, Fabulous.com and Directnic who have already implemented this feature.


Most people can relate to this situation: You want something badly enough, but it's no longer available, so you end up appeasing yourself with alternatives. Unfortunately, this does not always work, and it rarely does with domains. Now, registrars have the opportunity to offer their customers, who are desperate for a specific domain, a way to get that desired domain even when the current domain owner has not listed it on a secondary marketplace. This strengthens not only buyer optimism, but also the relationship between registrar and customer. Not to mention sellers now have more exposure for their domains and can reach buyers they may have not been able to without this service.

"We are convinced that our new SedoMLS Brokerage Service is all around beneficial for registrars, prospective buyers and also sellers within the ever-expanding domain market. SedoMLS registrar partners can now literally provide their clients with a one-stop-shop. This extra layer makes registrars stand out within their highly competitive market”, says Matthias Conrad, CEO of Sedo.com.


A prime working example of a Registrar who is having great success using this new service is united-domains.


“The partnership with Sedo enriches our domain name search results. Before SedoMLS Brokerage, registered domain names were a dead end. Now we have a valuable service for our customers – a shot at their first-choice domain name," says Tobias Sattler, CTO of united-domains.


What’s in the numbers?


Sales analyses from the past few years show that the percentage of domains sold through the SedoMLS network is steadily increasing. This shows the enormous willingness of buyers to purchase domains that have already been allocated directly via the primary market. Even though it only costs a few dollars per year to register a new domain there, purchases in the five-digit range from SedoMLS partners have long been the order of the day. At the same time, brokerage requests are increasing due to GDPR restrictions and the understanding of having a great name for an online business equates to success.


Our SedoMLS Brokerage service connects registrar customers directly with the Sedo sales team to help secure domains they were unable to purchase through other sales channels. After being referred to Sedo's brokerage team, our sales professionals handle the brokerage request and try negotiate the sales price on behalf of the registrar’s customer. SedoMLS Brokerage also provides buyers with access to the domain inventory listed for sale on Sedo’s marketplace when they search for specific domains through their registrar. This new offering has many benefits and is very easy to implement. Registrars can now offer direct access to Sedo’s international, award-winning brokerage team who can negotiate with domain sellers all over the world.


How to learn more:


We have recently launched a  SedoMLS Brokerage webpage with even more information on this newly available service for registrars.  For the full availability of SedoMLS, please visit our Registrar Overview Page.