10 Rules for Successful Domain Marketing:

9. Be an industry leader with category killer domains

There are many brand names that have become generic terms for their product category over time. These include Coke, Band-Aid, Chapstick, Polaroid, and Jeep.


Category killer domain names seek to achieve the opposite effect, associating the generic name with the specific product or offer. Prominent examples of this category killer strategy include soups.com for Campbell Soups and clothes.com for the ecommerce brand Zappos.



If you secure glasscleaner.com for window cleaning products, you will be the manufacturer that anyone looking for a glass cleaning product will turn to. The generic name is associated with your specific product and the business behind it, building trust and positively influencing the customer’s purchase decision. Where else would customers look to buy the product? After all, your product must be the industry leader with a domain name like that!


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