10 Rules for Successful Domain-Marketing

10. Don’t throw in the towel if your dream domain isn’t available

Many companies make the fatal mistake of not deciding on a company name in parallel with their search for a domain name. Once you have a business name, you need to establish whether the domain with the same name is already registered. All good (meaning short and memorable) domain names are already assigned to owners.


Nevertheless, it is still entirely possible to secure the domain name you really want, as the current domain owners are frequently willing to sell.


Before settling for second or third best, we recommend that you use a domain marketplace such as Sedo.com to search for your preferred domain. It may be available for sale there, even if the domain registrant has not listed it as such.



If it’s not being offered for sale, that’s where a domain broker can help. While you remain anonymous as the buyer, your domain broker will identify the current domain owner, explain your interest in purchasing the domain, and lead the purchase negotiations.



Hundreds of previously-assigned domain names are bought and sold each day, so chances are good that this will work out for you as well!

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