10 Rules for Successful Domain Marketing:

2. Domain names and brands must align

Despite our recommendations, many businesses address the need for a suitable web address after it’s too late and end up using a subpar domain which weakens their brand profile.


Twitter began with twttr.com because this name was still available to register. Fortunately, they realized that twitter.com was a better domain and just six months later they purchased that domain which is still being used today.


There are countless other stories about businesses that only bought the domain name they really wanted after they became famous: including Facebook, Instagram, Tesla and many more.


Facebook started with thefacebook.com and ended up with buying the shortest possible version: fb.com
Instagram started with instagr.am - .am is the country code TLD for Armenia. These type of domains are also called "domain hacks" and are very susceptible to typing errors.

We encourage you to listen to this TED Talk from Mac Nagaswami at Youtube: His impressive domain story truly shows, why having the best fitting domain name from the early beginning of a business is so important.


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