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Advertise with Sedo to reach the world’s largest audience of domain investors, as well as small business owners, marketing professionals and a wide variety of other consumers all interested in domain-related products and services. Our audience's key interests include domain registration, domain valuation, domain parking, online advertising and promotion, and e-business.

Sedo offers two advertising options

  • Banner advertising on our website with 2 million visitors per month
  • Banner or advertorial in our monthly newsletter reaching nearly 170,000 of our most active users.

Price List for Banners



Per Thousand Page Impression (CPM)

On right side of Sedo's website Pages

120 x 600 Banner


In Sedo's Monthly Newsletter

468 x 60 Banner or 200 Word Advertorial


If you would like to learn more about advertising on please contact us or download our media kit. We'd be happy to work with you, creating a package that fits your campaign.


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