Referral Traffic Rules for Parkers

Version: April 2024

Domain parking is an optional service provided by Sedo for users to "park" their domain names in order to increase the chance of a sale and to generate revenue from the domain's descriptive characteristics. Select users of the Domain Parking Service, acting in compliance with the, LLC Domain Parking Terms and Conditions or the Sedo GmbH Domain Parking Terms and Conditions, depending on the company associated with the user’s account, and the terms found in the Supplement to Domain Parking Terms and Conditions, are approved to refer to Sedo domain traffic that includes Referral Traffic.

Please read below for Sedo's rules regarding Referral Traffic, or to read the specific terms of use for Sedo's Parking Program please click here. Sedo reserves the right to modify these Referral Traffic Rules for Parkers, or any portion thereof, at any time, with or without advance notice.

Definition of Terms

  • “User” refers to you, a registered Sedo User as defined in the Sedo User Agreement.
  • “Visitor” refers to an internet user visiting the parked domain website.
  • “Referral Traffic” refers to domain traffic generated via a Referral Source, as defined below.
  • “Referral Source” refers to an advertisement or sponsored link that appears alongside content provided by a Referral Source Publisher, as defined below, and sends visitors to the destination parked domain.
  •  “Referral Source Publisher” refers to an entity that owns the website or online application where a Referral Source is displayed.
  • “Referral Source Provider” refers to those who connect Referral Sources with Referral Source Publishers (e.g., an ad network).

User Obligations


General Requirements

  • You, Referral Source Publisher and Referral Source Provider may not send emails to visitors that directly or indirectly lead visitors to a parked domain, nor ask others to do so.
  • You, Referral Source Publisher and Referral Source Provider may not beg, ask, entice, encourage or provide incentives for visitors to click on or interact with Referral Sources, nor ask others to do so.
  • You may not purchase - nor may any other party purchase on your behalf - search ads that directly or indirectly lead users to a parked domain.
  • You may not share revenue from Parking Payments (Click Balance Payout) with Referral Source Providers or Referral Source Publishers. You may only compensate Referral Sources Publishers and Referral Source Providers on a Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mille (CPM), or flat fee basis.
  • You may not submit advertising keywords that are unrelated to the subject area of the domain name.
  • You must provide Sedo with information that may reasonably be requested at any time to verify that the used Referral Traffic is in compliance with Sedo’s policies.
  • You must immediately notify Sedo if at any time, you learn or suspect that any of your Referral Traffic is not in compliance with Sedo’s policies

Referral Source Publisher Requirements

Content on the same page as Referral Sources may not contain:

  • Malware, spyware or other forms of inappropriate software;
  • Misleading or deceptive content, including, but not limited to, ads that might be reasonably mistaken for other website content, such as menu, navigation, or download links;
  • Sites promoting or praising hatred, violence, child pornography or sites advocating intolerance;
  • Illegal activity including, but not limited to, the sale of illegal items, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, or copyright infringement; or
  • Adult content, unless the destination parked domain is an adult domain.

Referral Source Requirements

You may purchase Referral Traffic from a Referral Source Provider that send visitors to parked domains, provided that the Referral Source comply with these requirements:

  • Referral Sources must prominently indicate that a respective link should be considered sponsored content, either labeling the ads as "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Links";
  • Referral Sources and the associated Keyword and Related Links you select must be relevant to the topic of the destination parked domain;
  • Referral Sources may not be misleading or deceptive, including, but not limited to, irregularly modified ad sizes, invisible or hard to see ad, or ads being placed too close to elements on the page that require heavy mouse interaction;
  • Referral Sources may not be sourced from malware, spyware or other forms of inappropriate software;
  • Referral Sources may not be sourced from SMS, chat, or other mobile messaging services;
  • Referral Sources may not misrepresent the experience visitors should expect at the destination parked domain, including, but not limited to, winning a prize or anything misleading visitors into believing that he/she will experience anything other than viewing a parked domain with comprised of sponsored advertisements;
  • Referral Sources may not forward traffic where the visitor was previously incentivized to perform a specified behavior including, but not limited to, taking a survey;
  • The destination parked domain cannot be an adult domain unless the Referral Source Publisher contains adult content;
  • If Referral Sources are purchased through a Referral Source Provider, they must comply with the policies of that advertising network, including, but not limited to, policies relating to advertising of parked domains such as cloaking or concealing the referrer information in any way;
  • You must comply with policies of Referral Source Providers prohibiting ads linking to parked domains;
  • Referral Sources may not be interstitials, full page take-overs, pop-ups, or pop-unders;
  • Referral Sources may not be Rewarded Ads, including, but not limited to in-app advertising for in-game rewards or offering gift cards or rebates;
  • Referral Sources must lead directly to the destination parked domain, without interstitials;
  • Referral Sources must be accessible organically (e.g., through type in traffic);
  • Referral Sources must be substantially the same for both a paid or organic experience; and
  • HTTP referrer information must be accurately preserved and must indicate the actual Referral Source Publisher site with the Referral Source. Tracking domains are not permitted if they interfere with the preservation of accurate HTTP referrer information.

Referral Traffic Requirements

Referral Traffic, in compliance to above terms and conditions and in compliance with the Rules for Domain Parkers will be permitted so long as there are no indications of fake or manipulated traffic. "Fake" or otherwise manipulated traffic is hereby defined as statistically measured visits to a Domain causing the Monetization Event associated with said Domain, which have been produced by anyone other than a living individual with good-faith intent to inquire about the subject matter being displayed on said Domain.