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What is SedoDNA?

SedoDNA® offers an advertising program especially tailored for domain owners. Through our vast network of ad providers, we can ensure that you receive the best monetization options, industry-wide! Our representatives analyze your portfolio and help you select the best domains with the highest payout potentials in order to make the most of your domain name advertising.

SedoDNA goes beyond the standard online advertising formula to offer you more revenue, more conversions and more targeted traffic! With access to the world's largest catalog of domain names, we are able to offer advertisers and publishers the most advanced and relevant lead generation network.

Within Sedo's DNA domain advertising tools, you can easily manage your domain name portfolio. Remove domains that you don't own anymore and add domains that you recently registered, for example at one of our partner registrars, or bought at our domain name marketplace. Keeping your portfolio up-to-date makes it easier for you to generate the most revenue out of your domain stock.

Our smart ad-selection software analyzes your domains in bulk and thanks to our newest algorithm-based methodology your ads will fit to your domains just like a glove.


Start advertising smarter!
Our network of targeted domains is designed to drive high-quality traffic directly to your business. Our self-learning software continuously optimizes the distribution of your ads to exactly reach the target group you're aiming at. Either book single domains to show your display ads or take over high-traffic domains and host whole websites that will receive existing, relevant user traffic.

  • Easy domain management
  • Direct access to our network of publishers
  • 15 years of experience in the domain advertising market
  • Newest technology and continuously updated software


Expect to earn more!
We offer highly targeted traffic and relevant advertisements to maximize your overall domain earnings. Our SedoDNA consultants analyze your earning goals and create a plan to ensure you receive the revenue you desire. Add your domain names to SedoDNA and we'll create and host websites on your domains, filled with highly relevant and matching ads from a huge variety of advertiers. 

  • Highest payouts in the industry
  • Optimized templates
  • Unique combination of software know-how, personal service, and monetization from the industry giant
  • Easily accessible stats with modern visualizations

SedoDNA® is a trademark of Sedo GmbH.

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