IDNX: The Domain Name Price Index

IDNX is the first standard price index for the domain industry

The Domain Name Index

  • Calculates the latest trends in domain prices every month
  • Is the premier tool to help accurately assess changes in the value of your domains
  • Is based on data from more than 200,000 domain sales
  • Shows how domain sales trend in a similar way to other financial indicators

Sedo has partnered with entrepreneur and researcher Thies Lindenthal to develop the first standard price index for domain names.

More than 6 years of domain sales transaction data from Sedo, coupled with Lindenthal’s expertise in real estate research – a field in which he holds a PhD – makes IDNX is the first quantitative analysis of domain market sales that takes into account the inherent quality of domains, and compares the trends in transacted domains to those of other economic indices such as the NASDAQ.

Core result 1: Domain price trends are comparable to the fluctuations of stock prices

Domain prices are not detached from the rest of the economy.

Core result 2: .com remains the “best location” for a business

The historic performance of .net and .org has not closed the gap with market leader .com. Both price trends and
registration numbers show that demand for the most popular substitutes has still been relatively modest.

Core result 3: Challenging, but not impossible, market for new(er) TLDs

The relative success of .info as compared to .biz and .eu shows that a TLD can be successfully introduced to the market,
which provides encouraging news for aspiring registries.

Get involved: Run your own analysis, customize the graph

What comparison do YOU have in mind? Pick the TLD and economic benchmarks relevant to you in the above boxes.
The base year can also be adjusted according to your preferences.

The Value of Domains

Domain names rapidly gained in value between 2006 and 2007, with prices peaking in November 2007 (an increase of 76% compared to January 2006) before falling by 34% in the subsequent five quarters. Domains have steadily regained their strength since then, climbing to an all-time high in May 2011

The Economic Foundation of Domains

Domain prices are not detached from the “real” economy. In fact, they fluctuate in a very similar manner to the NASDAQ 100 index, the stock prices of internet giant Google, or total revenues from online marketing in the US. The obvious correlation between the domain market and other economic indices shows that domain name buyers and sellers make economically motivated price decisions.

IDNX brings more transparency to domain markets, and provides a reliable benchmark for domain name investors and novices alike to determine price trends, investment opportunities, and the value of domains as an economic asset.

For more information on how IDNX works, follow Lindenthal on Twitter, or go to

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