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Domain Dictionary

Expand your domain vocabulary with helpful words and phrases from Sedo's domain dictionary. What do things like EPC, CTR, and RPM stand for? Find out now! Domain Dictionary

The Value of Domains for Business

 Domains in 2 Minutes (Video): Sedo explains domain value

 Domain Investments (Slides): Buy domains for online marketing

 Guide to Domain Attraction (Whitepaper): Attract business with domains

 Domain Marketing (Factsheet): A field guide to buying domains

 Premium Domain Case Study - Dyn: The importance of short domains

 Premium Domain Case Study - Millenium Surgical: Generic domains are key

 IDNX Domain Price Index (Webinar): Explore domain price trends

 IDNX Domain Price Index (Webinar): Slides from the webinar

 Domain Success Stories: Premium domains make businesses better 

 Navigation Nightmare (Whitepaper): The danger of proprietary platforms

 iMedia Connection: Domain blog by Sedo's Marketing Manager 

 Domain Bias in Web Search (Study): Microsoft & Stanford on domains in search

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Domain Names & Sedo: The Basics

 Getting Started with Sedo (Webinar): An intro to Sedo's award-winning services

 Getting Started with Sedo (Webinar): Slides from the webinar

 10 for 10 (Whitepaper): Top ten ways to make the most of Sedo

 Sedo FAQs: For the United States and Canada

 Sedo FAQs: For Central/South America, Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, & Australia

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Buy Domains

 How to Find Domains on Sedo (Webinar): Tips to find domains at Sedo

 How to Find Domains on Sedo (Webinar): Slides from the webinar

 Domain Search (Tutorial): An overview of Sedo's domain search tool

 Find Money-Making Domains (Whitepaper): Predict domain earnings potential

 Domain Brokerage (Factsheet): Trust Sedo's domain brokers

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Sell Domains

SedoMLS (Video): More distribution, more buyers, more domain sales

Activate SedoMLS Premium (Tutorial): How to upgrade for free

SedoMLS Premium (Factsheet): More domain sales at no extra cost

 Sedo Marketplace (Factsheet): A breakdown of pricing & domain distribution

 5 Steps to Domain Sales Success (Webinar): Get more domain sales in less time

 5 Steps to Domain Sales Success (Webinar): Slides from the webinar

 How to Increase Domain Sales (Whitepaper): Sell more domains faster

 Domain Sales Settings (Tutorial): Use My Domains to list your domains for sale

 Better Negotiations & Pricing for Results (Webinar): Tips and tools you need

 Better Negotiations & Pricing for Results (Webinar): Slides from the webinar

 Fix Your Pricing (Case Study): Benefit from listing domains as Buy Now

 Insider Tips for Selling Domains: An interview with Sedo's General Counsel

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Park Domains

 Domain Parking (Factsheet): The benefits of parking with Sedo

 Parking Statistics & Optimization (Tutorial): A Domain parking tools how-to

Parking Reporting (Guide): Companion to Sedo's domain parking tools

 Choose the Best Keywords (Whitepaper): Domain parking keywords explained

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Other Domain Resources

 Naughty or Nice? (Study): UC Berkeley examines domainer personalities

 Rights Protection Program (Factsheet): An overview of an important service

 Trust is a Must: Sedo's awards and accreditations

 Domain Trends: Domain market studies and more

 Domain Market Activity: What's happening now on Sedo

IDNX: A domain price index, showing changes since 2006

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Domain Resources

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