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Trade is defined as 'the exchange of goods, services and currencies between two or more parties', and for most countries worldwide, international trade forms a significant element of their gross domestic product. In recent decades, retail businesses have witnessed enormous changes in the way they trade, largely moving away from a focus on the high street to a boom in online retail, or 'e-commerce'.

International trade has also advanced dramatically since the Silk Road network first linked trade routes between Europe and Asia, and in recent years the role of the Internet to facilitate trade has led to a growth rate never-before-seen.

With the launch of the new .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) the trade sector has a defined generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name from which to conduct its business activities, in a trusted, targeted manner attracting all those with an interest in trading - from international business, financial trading, to individuals looking to secure a bargain.

The .TRADE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) makes it easy for those wishing to trade whether it be local, international, financial or just for fun to find a trading partner, business or individual, to make a deal in a trusted environment.

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