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Austria is on the threshold of a new domain era: the 1.3 million existing domains will be joined by a group of all-new one and two character domains, starting November 7!

In total, 4,965 single and double digit .at domains will be made available: these include number-only domains such as 1.at and 12.at, as well as letter and number combinations like 1a.at and k2.at and letter-only domains including aa.at and f.at. Letter options extend to all of the 34 characters in the IDN table, meaning that special characters such as ü, ä, ç and å are permitted.
Before general availability starts, Sedo will host an exclusive auction with these domains.

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All three auctions:

  • November 7 - 14
  • November 14 - 21
  • November 21 - 28

Trademark domain application from August 29 to September 23, 2016

Fewer characters, more convenient for your customers

No one wants to have to type out a novel to get to your website. With the new .at short domains your customers will get where they want to be with just one or two characters.


It couldn’t be simpler!

Trademark owners come first

As a trademark owner you can apply for your short domain before everyone else.


But you have to satisfy the following condition: your trademark must have been registered in Austria before July 1, 2015 – a valid copy from the trademark register is deemed proof of ownership.



Special characters, umlauts and numbers:
Everything’s possible!

Did you know that you can use special characters, umlauts and numbers for your short domain?




August 29 – September 23

Register your trademark as one or two character .at-domain.

Application fee: 120,– Euro*
Domain fee 240,– Euro* (if application successful)


October 10-21

Authorized participants bid for short domains.

Starting price: 240,– Euro*


Starting November 7

Public auction of all domains still available after the trademark phase. This auction takes places exclusively at Sedo!

All domains purchased in this auction will be entered into the .at zone on December 6. From that day on these domain names will be fully operational.


Starting price: 72,– Euro*


From December 6

First come first served. All domains that are still available for sale after the auction will be offered immediately at the standard price.


* all prices incl. Austrian VAT, from the second year on the usual domain prices apply.

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