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'Bio' is a short form with multiple meanings depending on the language, connected with life and living things. Therefore, the .BIO new gTLD is evoking, among others, life, nature, organic food and agriculture, biography, biology, life sciences, etc. .bio domain names are the addresses of a better internet!

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  • Express more distinctly the purpose of your business in your internet address
  • Obtain a more relevant domain name
  • Protect the name of your company
  • Register a name for a new activity/service/product
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What is the Sunrise Phase?

Typically, the sunrise period occurs prior to general availability for any new gTLD.
During the sunrise period, trademark holders may preregister domain names that are related to their trademarks. This is done via the new gTLD registry.

What is the Landrush Phase?

The landrush period occurs after the sunrise period and before general availability. During the landrush period, anyone may submit an application to register a specific domain name directly to the new gTLD registry. Each registry handles the landrush process differently.

What does General Availibility mean?

General Availability for a new gTLD happens after the earlier phases like Sunrise and Landrush.
During General Availability, you can register a domain name directly with a registrar or buy one through Sedo's marketplace.

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