What does a good domain name look like...

Listed below are some domain names that have been registered over the last two years for investment purposes. We hope the descriptions accompanying the names gives an insight into what makes a good domain name.

  • ExoticThailand.com

  • This is a great example of a benefit-based domain name. The product for sale would be package holidays to Thailand. By using the word "exotic" in the domain name rather than "visit" or "go", we are already conjuring up positive images in the users" minds, a sure way to encourage them to click on the name and book that exotic holiday.

  • GraphicsBiz.com

  • This name is short and easily memorized. A great name for the booming graphics market.

  • SureRefund.com

  • Another benefit-based name. This would be a good choice for a Tax Refund or Discount Coupon service. Much better than AnotherBoringTaxFirm.com.

  • FashionAuctions.com

  • Fashion is moving online in a big way, and online fashion auctions will soon be big business, especially when broadband Internet access allows real-time video access. FashionAuctions.com is the generic term for this field, and hence is an excellent choice of name.

  • SpecialFare.com

  • A great choice for an airline ticketing business. It"s short, memorable, and offers the benefit of a special fare right in the domain name itself.

  • InstantPromote.com

  • There are "Instant" services popping up all over the Internet. If you needed your web site promoting in a hurry, is this the sort of domain name you would click on?

  • FreeGoldCard.com

  • The beauty of this name is that no tag-line is needed. The benefit is explained in the name itself.

  • LiquidTrading.com

  • This is an ahead-of-the-curve name which describes a next generation financial transaction. See Wired(TM) March 2000 issue for a full description of how we will all be buying and selling goods and services in a few years time. This name has been independently valued by two reputable companies for $51,500 and $100,000.

  • CharterBookings.com

  • A B2B (business to business) site for companies looking to charter transport of all kinds.

  • SecurePension.com

  • Security is a big issue in pensions. Nobody wants to work all their lives only to find that the money they invested in their pension fund is suddenly not there. Far fetched you say? Not so. It"s exactly what happened in the UK recently when pension money was siphoned out of a large pension fund and used for other investments, never to be returned.

    By including the word secure in the domain name, you are already reassuring potential customers that the pension you offer is secure for the rest of their lives. The word secure can also mean "to obtain", so this name has a nice double meaning.

  • WorldWidePrices.com

  • Many web users would find this name intriguing, and feel compelled to click on it.

  • DietFind.com

  • A very short name which would be used by a diet reseller. The site would offer a diet directory / search engine. It could also build a community of users around the theme of weight loss.

  • SmartphoneTV.com

  • Smart phones are the next generation of mobile phones which can access the Internet, download movies and videos etc. SmartphoneTV.com would make an excellent name for a company offering video for download to smart phones.

  • FootballScene.com

  • This name is a safe choice for a business looking to produce an online football magazine.

  • InstantSlimming.com

  • Another "Instant" name (see InstantPromote.com), this domain would be used by a company offering a new wonder slimming pill. Which person looking for a weight loss solution could resist clicking on this name?

  • ThaiLanguage.com

  • A perfect example of a generic domain name. Many people looking for a site all about the Thai language will try typing ThaiLanguage.com into their browser before braving the search engines. That"s free traffic coming your way, and more importantly, the traffic is definitely interested in the Thai language.

  • ClickSubmit.com

  • "Click" domain names are similar to "Instant" domain names in that they suggest an online service which is performed without delay. In this case, some kind of submission service.

    Article by Lee Hodgson, domainguidebook.com