US Secondary Market for Domain Names Boomes

Latest figures about sales prices

The United States are the leading force in reselling domain names. A new research verifies that the so called Secondary Market for domain names increases. Latest sales figures of US topseller Greatdomains reveals that the average sales price for a domain name was $36,387 and the median sales price was $5,000. In terms of trading activity, the corresponding percentages came in at 6 percent for names over $100,000, 48 percent for names between $5,000 and $100,000, and 46 percent for those under $5000.

In the international arena, the top three international markets for domain name transactions were the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The top seven markets ranked in order by the highest number of transactions included the United Kingdom (9%), Canada(7), Australia, France(4%), Germany(4%), Hong Kong and South Korea at 2 percent.

With respect to top-level-domains (TLDs), the most popularly traded TLD continues to be the dot-com extension, which accounts for 95 percent of all sales, ahead of other TLDs including dot-net, dot-org and dot-tov. Dot-net accounted for approximately 4 percent of all sales.