UK: No minimum commission

No minimum commission for sales of parked domains

From 06. December 2007 Sedo will do away with the minimum sales commission of £35 for domains in Sedo’s first price category* - provided that they are taking part in Sedo’s domain parking programme. In the future, sales of parked domains will be subject to a flat 10% commission, improving the transparency and affordability of the domain sales process.

You sell the parked domain name for £90 through Sedo’s sales platform.

Previously the sale would be subject to a minimum £35 commission fee – this would mean that a sale of £90 would result in a total income of £55.

Now the minimum fee no longer applies – a flat 10% sales commission would mean that only £9 would be charged – a saving of £26!

This change should lead to a boost in sales – particularly those of a 2 or 3 figure amount.

In order to benefit from this improvement, your domain names must be parked with Sedo. Participation in Sedo’s parking programme is non-binding and free of charge.

Parking your domain names with Sedo is a great way of making money from any unused traffic. The 'empty' domain is used to display relevant adverts, and you make money each time someone clicks on one of the adverts on your parked page. Furthermore on each parked page a noticeable link informs visitors that the domain name is also for sale.

Further information regarding domain parking can be found here.

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The first price category contains the following TLDs:

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