Tips for Better Domain Buying

An introduction to the process of buying a domain name at Sedo

Buying domains at Sedo is easy: you simply negotiate directly with the domain's owner until you both agree on a price. This is called an offer-counteroffer system. This system takes away the uncertainty of an auction model, reduces the potential for fraud, and gives you precise control over how much you pay. Don't forget that all domains listed for sale at Sedo are already owned by someone. Sedo does not own these names - we are just a trading platform. You buy the domain from the owner and Sedo facilitates the transaction.


Making an Offer

In order to bid on any domain, you first have to become a member. Opening a Sedo account is quick, easy and free of charge. Go to and click on the "create a new account" link in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once you confirm the account using the link contained in the confirmation email we send you, you can buy, sell and park domains with Sedo.


As soon as you make and confirm your bid, the offer is sent to the seller. He will either accept your offer and close the sale, or make a counter offer which you will automatically be informed of via email. You are then required to respond to this offer: either by accepting the offer and closing a sale, or by making a further counter offer of your own. The bidding process is anonymous.


Important: Please note that your offer, and any counter-offer that the seller makes, is binding for seven days. During this seven day period you cannot lower your offering price, and the seller cannot raise his asking price.


Closing the deal

Once you and the seller of the domain name agree upon a price and confirm the bid/ sale, you enter into a legally binding contract. Sedo will then invoice you (payable by PayPal or bank transfer) for the purchase of the domain, and once your payment is received on the escrow account, Sedo will instruct the seller to begin the technical transfer. Sedo acts as an escrow agent - your money is held in our escrow account and is only released to the seller after he transfers ownership of the domain into your name and you have control of the domain name.


However, if your bidding is unsuccessful - don't give up! You have two options:


  1. Get a second opinion: Order a Sedo Domain Appraisal - let Sedo's experts evaluate the domain's fair market price so you can bid with confidence! If you choose, the Sedo appraisal value can be sent in a certified message to the other party.

  2. Let the pros do it: Order Sedo's Domain Acquisition Service-- let Sedo handle the negotiation work for you! Our professional domain brokers will first research and value the domain name, then initiate negotiations directly with the seller. Thanks to our experience in the domain market and position as an expert third-party, we're often able to acquire the domain at a fraction of what it would have cost for you to purchase it on your own.


For more information on domain buying, please see our complete Domain Buyer's Guide.