The Top 30 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

If money were no object, what would be the most expensive domain name you would buy? Here are the top 30 most expensive domain-only names ever sold!

It's no secret that domain names can be worth a lot of money. After all, a good domain name is essentially like having digital real estate that can appreciate in value over time. And just like with traditional real estate, the most sought-after domain names tend to be the ones that are the most expensive. So what makes a domain name worth big bucks? There are a few factors, but typically it boils down to how unique and memorable the name is, as well as how relevant it is to the industry or niche it's in. For example, a .com domain that's short and easy to remember is going to be more valuable than a long and complicated one. And a domain name that's relevant to a hot industry or trend is going to be worth more than one that isn't. Of course, there are also some one-of-a-kind domains out there that are simply priceless due to their rareness. So if you've got your eye on an expensive domain name, don't let the price tag scare you off. It could very well be worth it in the long run.  

So, what makes a domain name valuable?

Domain names are big business. They can be used to sell products, promote brands, and even drive traffic to a website. But some domain names are worth more than others. In fact, some of the most expensive domain names ever sold have fetched millions of dollars. There are a few factors that contribute to a domain name's worth. 


The first is the length of the domain name. The shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember and the more valuable it becomes. This is why one- to -three letter and one-word domains are often worth a lot of money. 


Another important factor is the keywords associated with the domain. For example, domains that are related to finance or insurance will generally be worth more than other domains because those keywords have a high search volume and companies are willing to pay more for them. 

Another important factor is the age of the domain. Generally, older domains are worth more than newer domains because they've had more time to establish themselves and build up their reputation.


Another factor that contributes to a domain name's value is its extension. .Com domains are the most popular and most expensive extension, followed by .org and .net. But .com is not king everywhere: On a national level, country code top level domains (ccTLDs) are at least as elementary, if not more popular: This applies especially to ccTLDs that have been around for a long time without major restrictions: .De for Germany, .uk for the UK, .fr for France, .es for Spain and many more. 

There are other extensions that can be just as valuable due to social or economic hype, such as .io, .ly and .ai. All it takes is a popular brand to pioneer a different TLD for branding than .com. Finally, a domain name's value can also be affected by how unique it is. If a domain name is catchy and easy to remember, it will likely be worth more than a generic or boring domain name. 

The most expensive domain name sales ever

So, if you're looking to buy a domain name, keep these factors in mind. You might just end up with one of the most expensive domain names ever sold! 
If money were no object, here are the top 30 most expensive domain names ever sold:* $30.18 million $30 Million $15 Million $14 Million & $13 Million $11 Million $11 Million$10 Million - $9,999,950 $9.5 Million $8,888,888 $8,133,000 $8 Million $7.5 Million - $7.5 million $6,784,000 - $5.5 million $5.1 Million $4.9 Million $4.7 Million $4,176,922 $3.8 Million $3,770,000 $3.6 Million $3.5 Million $3.3 Million 3,150,000 $3,144,000 $3.1 Million $3 Million $3Million 

*These are domain-only sales. In case you read or hear about domain sales not listed here but within the same price range or even higher, it is most likely that not only the domain, but also various assets like website content, traffic etc. are included in the price. This list only lists deals that have been made public. There are a lot of domain sales in the million figure range that have never been made public. 

How the domain helps your brand to succeed 

Domain names are a hot commodity these days, and they're only getting hotter. Big companies and brands are willing to pay top dollar for the perfect domain name that fits their business, and in some cases, they're even willing to pay millions. So why are domains worth so much money?


For one, a great domain name can be the difference between success and failure online. A good domain name is easy to remember, easy to spell, and relevant to your industry or niche. It's also short, sweet, and to the point - all of which make it easier for customers to find you online. In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is vital for any business or brand, and a great domain name is the foundation of that presence.


Secondly, a good domain name can give you an instant boost in search engine rankings. Search engines like Google love short, relevant domains, and they tend to rank them higher in search results. This means that if you have a great domain name, you could get more traffic and exposure for your website right from the start.


Lastly, a good domain name can help you build credibility and trust with customers. A professional-sounding domain name reassures customers that they're dealing with a serious business or brand. And when customers know they can trust you, they're more likely to do business with you - which ultimately helps increase your bottom line. So there you have it: three big reasons why domains are worth big bucks. If you're looking to establish or strengthen your online presence, investing in a great domain name is essential - even if it does cost a bit of money up front! 


Whether or not money should be a factor in choosing a domain name 

A domain name is an important part of branding and marketing a website. So it stands to reason that you would want to choose a domain name that is memorable and will help people find your site. Fact is, all good domain names that meet the above criteria are already taken. It is still possible to find free domains on the primary market (a registrar such as Namecheap or IONOS), but these 2nd choice domains are usually only a compromise and at the latest no longer suitable for future business goals such as expansion, internationalization, etc. This can be seen especially with startups: Usually they start with a so-so domain name that was still free and available for $20 a year. But then they realize that a lot of user traffic is lost, because the domain is prone to typos and not easy to remember. Global brands like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter have decided to spend a big budget to buy the really perfect domain name.


Learn more about the biggest naming trends of startups when choosing their domain names.  

But don't worry, you don't have to spend millions to get a really good and sustainable domain. On domain marketplaces such as, the prices for domains start at $20. If these million-dollar deals are not taken into account, a domain costs an average of $2,000. Compared to the advertising spendings for search engine advertising, this is not much. And in case of doubt, you are left with your domain, which you can easily resell due to its value on a domain marketplace.

Why wait longer? Start searching for your desired domain today. 

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