The most expensive domains in 2018 is most expensive domain with medical marijuana domains on the rise takes top billing in 2018 as the highest priced publicly disclosed domain name sale, selling for 750,000 USD on the Sedo marketplace. These findings are compiled from the sales figures of the world's leading domain trading platform, while confidential sales are not able to be included.
The top 10 sales are resoundingly obvious yet again that descriptive and short domains still make up the most popular and valuable inventory. While during the previous year (2017), most buyers of high-quality domains were based in China, top domains in 2018 expanded to all continents.


Top 10 Public Domain Sales

  Domain Preis
1. $750,000
2. $600,000
3. $500,000
3. $500,000
4. $450,000
5. €220,000
6. $225,000
7. $200,000
8. $194,888
9. $150,000
9. $150,000
10. $140,000


Focus centers on Medical Marijuana Domains

Triggered by the legalization of medical cannabis in Germany, Canada and Portugal, a trend towards the purchase of domains around this popular topic has emerged. And it is expected that this popularity will only continue to grow in 2019. Domains with the extension .io also experienced an upswing due to a rising popularity of this extension among tech companies and startups (e.g. I/O stands for Input/Output). Not only did a lot more domains end up selling, but average and median prices prove as the following comparison shows:


  Average Price Median Price
.com $3,559 $977
.de $1,742 $523
.io $3,332 $1,000


Among domain sales containing a new domain extension, generic English-language terms sold for the highest prices. In this category, 555 domains with distinct “New” domain extensions were traded in total on Sedo’s Marketplace in 2018.

Top 10 Public New Extension Domain Sales

  Domain Preis
1. €49,900
2. $57,500
3. $42,000
4. £24,500
5. $30,000
6. $25,000
7. $22,500
8. $20,000
9. $17,500
10. $17,250

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