sells for $225,000

Top Sale Results from Sedo’s Partnership with Top Registrar Alibaba Cloud

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Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider is thrilled to announce the sale of to a Chinese buyer through Sedo’s Registrar Partner, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group. This record breaking sale is among the top ten of publicly reported .org sales as well as the highest value sale via the SedoMLS network.

The sale of is the pinnacle of a partnership between Sedo and Alibaba Cloud. It spotlights what can be achieved when businesses from the primary domain market partner with the secondary domain market: diverse and high-value domain name inventory enabling our partners to provide their clients with the domains they really want.

Sedo’s Global Chief Sales Officer, Matthias Meyer-Schönherr said the sale of fully supports how SedoMLS partners benefit from being a part of this immense network of buyers and sellers. “Sedo has always envisioned promoting our clients’ names via our SedoMLS partner network leading to big ticket sales such as Our partnerships with registrars such as Alibaba Cloud will continue to grow in strength and numbers and produce more sales for our partners’ clients as well as bring buyers and sellers together that wouldn’t have otherwise been connected.”


Chinese Domain buyers keen on .com and short domain names

Partnering with Alibaba Cloud has been extremely beneficial for Sedo’s network of 2 million customers, especially in selling their domains to the Chinese and Asian market, which has had an increase in the demand for domains. Chinese buyers have been gravitating towards purchasing .com domains followed by .net, .org and .cn names.

Any domain owner can sell domains through Sedo and benefit from Sedo’s global domain sales network, SedoMLS. Its exposure accelerates finding a buyer up to three times more quickly.

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