Sell your domains even faster

Save time and sell domains faster with our owner self-verification feature.

Did you know that you can add domains and instantly list them for sale in the marketplace? This allows you to sell your domains exactly when YOU want. Previously, you had to wait until we had compared the domain ownership data with your Sedo customer account details. Now, all you need to do is store a unique character sequence with your registrar – and that’s it!

Fetch your personal verification ID and learn how self-verification works

Here's an example


3 new advantages for domain sellers 

With owner self-verification, you get:


  • Flexibility: Offer domains for sale anytime, even over the weekend. The entire process takes place automatically.
  • Anonymity: We can confirm your status as the owner despite a privacy protected WHOIS entry.
  • Speed: Enter your verification ID and we will confirm your status as the owner in next to no time.


Start with your owner self-verification now!