Sedo to host Premium Gambling and Gaming Domains Auction

Domains to be showcased at the Sigma iGaming Conference

Starting November 28th, Sedo will host a gambling and gaming domains auction titled the “iGaming Auction”. This exclusive auction will coincide with the Sigma iGaming conference in Malta. Sedo is currently taking gambling and gaming domain name submissions for this exclusive auction event. Anyone who is considering selling a gambling-related domain, can submit their domains for the auction within their Sedo account.
At the Sigma iGaming conference, our top domain brokers, Brian Michitti and Derick Clegg will be in attendance. During the event, Sedo will be promoting the auction, gaining even more exposure to additional buyers who have a specific interest in this premium inventory.

Why was worth $2.5 million

Premium Domains with keywords related to the gambling industry have proven to be a lucrative domain name vertical with high investment potential and longevity for the use of these names. The sale of for $2.5M through Sedo was just one of many domain sales from this vertical that achieved a high sales price.


By tracking past domain sales activities, we’ve been able to determine the reasons as to why gambling domains with matching keywords achieve high sales prices from Sedo auctions, or via direct sales. It results from a strong demand for gambling domains from domain investors globally. This is especially true since gambling activities are restricted in some parts of the world. This high demand is strengthened by the fact that Google restricts AdWords for certain types of gambling advertising.


In order to promote services and attract traffic to gambling related websites, without spending tons of money on advertising, businesses should integrate domain names. Higher traffic volume can be generated by owning, operating and ranking for generic domain names that incorporate gambling-related keywords. The first step is to get the matching domain, which will propel online gambling businesses organically.


We are anticipating very positive results from this exclusive auction event as this category of domain names has historically performed very well in past auctions we’ve hosted. Some previous high-value sales include ($2.5M), ($1M) and ($400K). A summary of additional domain name sales featuring keywords such as slots, poker, gambling and casino are also listed in this article from our newsroom.

Submit your iGaming domains through your Sedo Account now, adhering to the criteria for premium domains:


Here’s the criteria for the iGaming auction domain submissions:


  • The domain extension (TLD) of the domain is considered premium and has a history of high-value sales (Such as .com, .net or .de).
  • The domain is a generic gambling, gaming, or betting domain term, that describes an existing product or service. For example,, or
  • The domain is easy to spell and is not prone to typographical errors.
  • The TLD geographically matches the language of the domain name.
  • The domain doesn't violate third party rights (e.g. trademark rights, intellectual property, or other famous names).


The auction begins November 28th at 6pm CET and will run for a week ending on December 5th. The iGaming domain inventory will be updated daily so be sure to check regularly to see what gems can be bought in the auction.