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Why use a broker when buying or selling domain names?

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Sedo was recently approached by the retail-focused forum to expose their readers to the ins and outs of buying a domain along with the merits of using our domain brokerage services and its link to brand development. It’s a topic that consistently has people out wondering, “Is it necessary to hire a broker? Can’t I do this on my own?”.


Very rarely is the purchase or sale of a home completed without a buyer not entrusting this major undertaking to sales professionals. With domain investments ranging in price upwards of 7-figures, a domain name should not be any different. Also with its crucial role your domain name plays in your online success, securing the best domain name should not be downplayed or left to anyone other than a knowledgeable expert. A domain is the calling card and where commercial activity is initiated. Personal websites are not excluded from this either because domain names are essential in achieving the best first impression.


A tale of one really valuable 1-letter domain name

Tesla frontman, Elon Musk known for his innovative approach and successful endeavors that wow even the least geeky of crowds recently purchased  back from his former employer, PayPal. The sale went on to make a lot of headlines due to the famous parties involved and the interesting history of the domain itself. But it also brought light to the fact that even those with a high level of business savvy still seek help with domain purchases.


But I’m no Elon Musk, should I still use a broker?

The answer is yes! As a buyer, utilizing a broker to act as your representative will get you further in the process than you would going at it alone. Sales professionals negotiate on behalf of others day in day out and as such they know the ins and outs and intricacies of dealing with companies or individuals who aren’t familiar with selling domains. A broker may also have an “in” or has had previous dealings with the seller allowing a bridge to be crossed that could be otherwise challenging for domain owners to navigate.


A broker can also navigate when different languages are at play between the buyer and seller (at Sedo, our sales team speaks 25 different languages natively!). This comes in very handy when say a seller who only speaks Chinese is unable to respond should you reach out in your native tongue of say English. Sales professionals close these gaps making it possible to connect people of different backgrounds and language capacities.  Additionally, the sales process along with negotiations takes time! Sometimes as long as 9 months – which most people can’t sacrifice with their already busy schedules. Instead a broker harbors this burden making it easier on buyers and sellers.


As a seller, you want to ensure that you are getting the best price for your domain otherwise why go through the process of selling especially when there are other ways of earning money from your domain like parking? Brokers are skilled negotiators who provide a buffer from the interference of emotion that could hinder negotiations and ultimately cost the sale of a domain.


Sedo’s Domain Brokerage Service

Sedo prides itself on being a trusted intermediary for those customers with both large and small scale needs to secure their best domain names or to assist them in selling names they may be sitting on or have had a difficult time selling and buying. Our case studies prove that we go above and beyond when someone has a domain name they just can’t live without. We also help consult on alternatives available to desired domains such as new gTLDs which can come up at a much lower price than their domain equivalents.


Sedo is looking for new sales talent

And we’re currently hiring for our sales team! So you could be a part of our team of award-winning industry experts and sales leaders. Are you a proven sales representative with a passion for making connections with your clients while closing deals? Do you thrive on building good customer rapport and seeing their goals met? Have you always wanted to work with a multinational company whose culture is fun, energetic and unique? Then Sedo just might be a great fit for you.