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Sedo buys Extending Sedo's presence in the market
Sedo acquisition of ‘’ energises UK market!

Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace, today announced its purchase of the domain ‘’.

The market, only behind .com and .de in terms of size, is on the threshold of massive growth and Sedo is delighted to provide the market with much-needed impetus by acquiring what is without doubt the best name for a domain platform.
Tim Schumacher, Sedo’s CEO commented, “The market’s potential is only just starting to be realised and this acquisition not only consolidates our position as the world’s leading domain marketplace, but also shows our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible service for our UK clients.” A market on the move, the government licensed registrar in charge of all domains, predicts strong growth future growth for the UK domain name market and recently released data that shows that 2004 has been a bumper year for registrations, with over 80,000 domains registered every month. The secondary market is also showing excellent growth with 2004 seeing the first-ever public 5-figure sales. Since research shows that tens of thousands of UK residents interested in buying domains enter the address ‘’ into their browsers every month, Sedo’s acquisition was the prefect step towards solidifying its leading international and UK market position. Most importantly, provides Sedo a platform from which to use its expertise and superior service to energize the market and allow it to finally realise its huge potential.

About Sedo

Sedo is the world’s largest domain marketplace, completing several hundred domain transactions worldwide every month. As well as having a database of more than 2 million domains, Sedo offers additional services such as domain appraisals, domain marketing and the extremely popular paid parking program.

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