Sedo at dmexco 2016: Your Domain is Your Home

DMEXCO - the largest digital marketing conference in Europe is over and it was a great success!

This year's dmexco was bigger than ever with 50.700 visitors, 1.010 exhibitors and 570 speakers.

You were able to get insights about the Domain market, new Domain Names and Domain trends.

The experience would not be complete without Sedo’s signature Frozen Yogurt and toppings bar of TLD-named varieties like .online, .shop, .store, .broker, .asia, .at, .tube and many more.

Partners from Radix, Boston Ivy, Rightside, .Club, .Shop and .Tube registries and many more were on hand to share information and create awareness about their domains to marketers, advertisers and other digital media professionals.


Take a tour of our Domain House and see some of the highlights from our booth:



Why is it important to be at dmexco? Listen to what our partners have to say about the value of this huge digital marketing trade fair:



Our partners from Radix joined us at dmexco this year and presented their new gTLDs. Learn more about the new domain extension .store in this video:



The .CLUB registry tells us about the .club domain extension: It works all around the world, and if your passionate about something, you can make it your .club.



Learn what a .TUBE domain can do for you. This is the domain for all video bloggers, Let's Play streamers, and video content producers in general. It can curate your video content and even offers a website template for easy integration. Of course, you can get your own .tube domain at



.AT will be releasing one and two character domains like and for the first time ever. Learn why the shorter, the better is especially true for web addresses. Take the opportunity to get your .at domain in auction at Sedo.



We're happy we were able to answer all your questions regarding your domain strategy and to increase your understanding on how to best use your domain portfolio to strengthen your brand and marketing power!

Hope to see you again next year, September 13 - 14!