Sedo Announces the Top 10 Highest Domain Name Sales in 2014

Sedo Announces the Top 10 Highest Domain Name Sales in 2014 at the World’s Largest Marketplace

Boston, Mass. - December 17, 2014 - Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced its 2014 list of the highest-valued public domain sales of the year. Leading the list is, which closed at $1.2 million stealing the top honors from at $350,000. In this year’s list ccTLDs also made a splash , with at €100,000 (“coffee” in German), at €99.999 (“cat” in French) and at €99.999 (“music” in German).

These were the highest public domain name sales at Sedo in 2014:


1) mm.com1,200,000 US-Dollar
2) true.com350,000 US-Dollar
3) malls.com320,000 US-Dollar
4) flashcards.com250,000 US-Dollar
5) gab.com200,002 US-Dollar
6) cornerstonehomes.com150,000 US- Dollar
7) kaffee.de100,000 Euro
8) chat.fr99,999 Euro
8) musik.de99,999 Euro
9) vitaminc.com104,000 US-Dollar
10) credits.com100,000 US-Dollar

Upswing in new gTLDs such as .club and .berlin

More than 300 new TLDs have been launched in the market in 2014 and currently there are more than 3.5 million new domains registered.  The trading among new gTLD domains is already in full swing and the development of sales at Sedo’s marketplace has been positive. It is still too early to draw any conclusions about the success of the new extensions but the initial sales we’ve seen are good indicators for future price developments industry-wide. There will be even more new TLDs coming to market in 2015, and from that we will assemble new data and information about the development of new gTLDs. In 2014, the highest sale of a new gTLD name was a confidential sale for $100,000.

These were the highest public new gTLD domain name sales at Sedo in 2014:


1) baltic.cruises25,000 US-Dollar
2) eat.club20,000 US-Dollar
3) english.club17,500 US-Dollar
4) jobboerse.berlin8,000 Euro
5) joy.club10,000 US-Dollar
6) penguin.club8,000 US-Dollar
6) havana.club8,000 US-Dollar
7) viking.cruises5,500 Euro
8) ritz.club7,500 US-Dollar
9) uhr.kaufen4,200 Euro
10) lossless.audio5,000 US-Dollar

The Top 10 list of highest IDN New gTLDs (includes prices that are related to domain packages including the keyword in different variations):



The Top 10 longest domain names (in English)
The shorter and more descriptive an Internet address is, the more valuable it is. Users are able to memorize names easier and type in shorter names faster in their internet browser address bars. But  for some industries, it is not as easy to adhere to this criteria. So dive in again this year, to see which companies made it into the top 10 longest domain names for 2014:



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