Over 1.5 million 'used' domain names to be sold!

Over 1.5 million 'used' domain names to be sold!

Sedo - Our press release from 08/28/2000:

(Cologne, 28. August 2000) All around the world, domain names are being registered like crazy, and resold again. Tim Schumacher, one of the founders of Sedo.de, estimates that there are currently about 1.5 million registered domain names up for sale worldwide. It comes as no wonder, really, since domain names can now be registered for almost next to nothing, and resold for a much higher price later.

The secondary market is also steadily gaining momentum here in Germany, with several hundred domain names switching owners each month. To contain the rapidly growing German demand for used domain names, and to further develop the marketplace here, Sedo.de and Domain-agent.de have recently sealed a strategic partnership. Domain-agent.de now offers all the entries in its database over the Sedo platform. Conversely, all Sedo accounts are now also valid at Domain-agent.de.

Each of the about 1.5 million entries in Sedo's database - almost all that are available in the world - can now be looked up individually, at no cost at all. With about 500 new offers, and 200 transactions each month, the two domain brokers are now the market leaders in Germany. They will also operate the online discussion forum Domain-people.de, together with Domain-recht.de. Currently, more than 500 users discuss domain name issues at the very lively forum.

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