No minimum commission on parked domains!

Sedo's new promotion: Park your domains, and pay only a flat 10% commission fee. No more $50 minimum commission!



Normally, when you sell a low-value domain name, the escrow

fees can take a pretty large chunk out of your profits. Although

Sedo's minimum commission fee of $50 (which includes our escrow/

transfer service) is already the lowest in the industry, these

fees erase half your profit if the domain you sold is only worth


Now, there's a solution to this problem: Park the

domain with Sedo! Effective immediately, there is no minimum

commission fee for domains parked with Sedo* (*offer only valid for

US / Canadian residents) That means you

pay just a flat 10% commission fee regardless of the value of the

domain name. So, if that $100 domain name is parked with Sedo, you'll

pay a measly $10 commission! Don't worry, our commission fees are

still all-inclusive: you get processing of the buyer's payment,

a secure escrow account, and Sedo's personal assistance with the

technical transfer of the domain name, all included free with your

Sedo commission.

How can we afford to so drastically undercut the fees

charged by our competitors? We think that once you try Sedo's Domain

Parking program, you'll get hooked on the great feeling of getting

a nice check each month just for sending us your domain traffic.

We may lose some money in the short-term, but in the long run we'll

gain a happy customer. ...Plus, we think you'll sell a lot more

domain names with us!

If you'd like to drastically reduce what you're paying

in commission fees,

here to park your domain names now. It's free, and if you

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