New Expiring Domains Auctions from Sedo

Incredible domain bargains starting at $79!




Buyers can now exclusively attain incredible domain bargains through Sedo's new Expiring Domain Auctions while expanding their domain portfolio with domains starting at $79!


And since all of the domains are exclusively for sale at Sedo, you get your desired domain guaranteed without any of the hassles from random snapping or backordering. That means once the auction is completed, you will receive your domain immediately and can transfer it to a registrar of your choice.


Whether it’s a generic term that perfectly complements your existing or new website, or this is a medium-term investment in the form of short and concise domains with high resale values, the Expiring Domains Auctions should be on your radar. Domains up for auction will feature both the more versatile TLDs such as .com or .net and the innovative, trendier TLDs such as .io or .shop. With over 2,000 new domains added to the feed every day, there is something for everyone.


What are expiring domains?

Here’s a little more background on how these type of domains come into the market: expiring domains are domains for which the individual registration period has ended and are about to be deleted. These domains are exclusively marketed by the respective Registrar Partners as part of the Expiring Domain Auctions from Sedo.

Who is interested in expiring domains?

For companies, startups, agencies as well as for domain investors it is worth taking a look at the Expired Domains inventory. Companies will find relevant generic terms under the domains that can complete an existing or new website. Domain investors keep their eyes out for short and concise domains that have a high resale value.


What are the benefits of expiring domains?

Expiring domains can have a variety of relevant links due to their history and previous usage. The more relevant a link to a specific topic is and the more of these relevant links an expiring domain has, the more valuable your web presence will be perceived by search engines and placed higher in the search results. Your potential customers will find you more often and faster.


If you want to use expiring domains as additional tributary domains for an existing website (so-called "satellite or landing page sites"), you can then benefit from an existing SEO structure of the expiring domain. You save time and build a good link resulting in better visibility in search engines.


Example: Let's assume that you operate an online shop for bikes and bike accessories. In this case, we’d recommend to not only use an already very good generic domain (e.g., but also to own other product-related domains such as or, to maintain relevant content and to create a network to link and merge. And supporting domains can be found daily starting at just $79 within the Expiring Domains Auctions on Sedo.


The following domains have already been sold for $109 each:


How can you access expiring domains?

To take advantage of these potential deals, you can now filter directly for these type of auctions within our Sedo marketplace search results. All you have to do is select “Expiring Domain Auctions" under the "Listing Type" search options and find exactly the domains you are looking for.


With 2,000+ new domains added to the auction inventory every day, checking the feed regularly is well worth it. Start your search now and get quality domains at bargain prices!