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Starting today, you can buy and sell .eth domains on Sedo’s marketplace – the first of its kind to offer this



We have a dedicated special service for all .eth domain transactions: During negotiations you will be supported by a personal support representative. If there is an agreement between buyer and seller, we will hand over the transfer to our trusted partner, Escrow Domains, which will ensure a smooth and secure transfer.

Start selling your .eth domains now!

“Although .eth is not a ICANN accredited TLD in the traditional sense, we appreciate the innovative potential of this ending in connection with the current Crypto Currency trend. With some of our customers already active in this arena, we’ll be offering trading of .eth names on our international high-tech platform. This will at the same time also provide a new group of buyers with easy access to this inventory and service the supply and demand of all of our customers for future-oriented topics", sums up Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo GmbH.

Sedo has the world's largest network of potential buyers, especially from the end user area. Combined with our international reach, selling your .eth domains on our marketplace makes it easy to put a spotlight on niche topics such as Ethereum and Blockchain. This brings .eth domains much closer to buyers that aren’t as familiar with the TLD, but are interested in crypto currencies.

Never heard of .eth?

.Eth domains belong to the Ethereum Name System (ENS). The ENS is a distributed domain name system solution for the blockchain, allowing for readable addresses such as miller.eth or company.eth instead of using long strings which are confusing (think IP addresses, but even longer). .Eth Domains can be used for an Ethereum wallet in order to send or receive money, a smart contract or a swarm hosted site.

If you are interested in registering a .eth name or want to learn more about the ENS, please visit .

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