More than Words: Sedo improves bid comment system

Now you can instantly send"Quick Comments" without needing to wait for Sedo approval!

Many users have provided positive feedback about

Sedo's comment system, which allows users to write a comment to

be delivered along with their offer. However, the problem with the

old system was that our manual verification process sometimes led

to a misalignment between receipt of the offer and receipt of the

comment. To address this problem, we've added several new features:


The new Quick Comments feature lets you

instantly send one of several popular pre-formatted comments instantly,

with no more delay for Sedo's manual verification. The Quick Comments

are customized to include statistics about your domain- for example,

you can send a Quick Comment with a Sedo appraisal value, or to

provide Sedo-certified visitor statistics. Thus, not only do the

Quick Comments save time, they are more credible to potential buyers

than freeform comments.


Now, whenever you send a freeform comment

with your offer, the other party will be notified upon receipt of

the bid that there is an affiliated comment waiting to be approved

by Sedo's staff. This helps avoid the confusion of misaligned bids

and comments.