Let Your Domain Name Buy You Lunch!

An Introduction to Domain Parking

Looking to squeeze a few more dollars out of your domain names without doing any work? How about improving your chances of making that big sale—you know, the one that will let you finally make the down payment on a new BMW? Whatever your goals, Domain Parking is a key element of the domain investor’s arsenal.


A “Domain Parking” page is a specially-designed site incorporating targeted ad banners as well as the normal Sedo "For Sale" page. When a visitor types in your domain, he sees your Sedo Domain Parking Page. The visitor can then quickly and easily make an offer for your domain, so your chances of making a sale are greatly increased.


Even if visitors are not interested in purchasing a domain, the targeted advertising links mean that you earn money with each click. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the advertising links, you are credited with a per-click payment amount ranging from a few cents to nearly $2.00!


With little or no effort, you can at least earn back your registration costs, and many domains earn much, much more!


Domains parked with Sedo are FIVE times more likely to be sold than non-parked domains.

Apart from increased traffic to your sales listing, increased awareness of your domain, and the fact that you are earning money, domain parking also provides you with invaluable detailed visitor statistics. This, in turn, enables you to gauge a better asking price for your domain.


Here are a few of the features that make Sedo’s Domain Parking program better than any other:

  • The highest payout rate in the industry
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool to give you control over your advertising keywords
  • Geo-targeted results for better earnings with international traffic
  • Domains parked with Sedo are ranked higher in our Domain Catalog.
  • Monthly earnings payouts via bank transfer or Paypal – the choice is yours!
  • Detailed parking statistics at-a-glance in your Sedo account
  • Increased chances of making a successful sale<


Ready to get started? Here’s how to park:


  1. First add your domain to Sedo’s database using the “Add a domain” link.
  2. After the domains are in your account, go to your registrar to set up your parking page using one of two options (the first is recommended):

    At your registrar, change your Name Server settings to NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM and NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM

    If your registrar allows, forward your domain to the URL www.sedoparking.com/domain.com
    (where “domain.com” is replaced by the domain that you are forwarding)



Check out https://sedo.com/services/parkingsteps.php4 for more information.