Information about the latest “domain appraisal scam”

We have received multiple reports about customers receiving fake Sedo appraisal emails. More information can be found here.

Domain owners are currently receiving increasing numbers of scam emails in which buyers pretending to be interested in purchasing domains request them to carry out a domain appraisal using a partner allegedly authorized by Sedo. This ploy is generally known as a “domain appraisal scam”.

We would like to inform you that Sedo does not require domain assessments for selling or purchasing domains. In addition, Sedo does not maintain business relations to any such professed authorised partners to carry out domain appraisals on our behalf.

At Sedo, domain appraisals can only be carried out in a Sedo account that is protected by a password.

If you are uncertain about anything or require more information, please visit or send a message to [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you!