ICANN finalises contracts

ICANN board gave approval for staff to finalise contracts for four of the suffixes".info",".name",".pro" and".biz".

As reported by Reuters, ICANN has given its staff the ability to conclude contracts with four new registry operators. Internet users will now have more naming choices for their Web sites and e-mail addresses. It is now clear that consumers will have more choice and more competitive product offerings in the domain market.

On Tuesday ICANN chose seven companies to operate the master list of domain names for new web address suffixes which range from ".biz" to ".museum". A meeting of the ICANN board at its quarterly meeting in Melbourne gave approval for staff to finalise contracts for four of the suffixes ".info", ".name", ".pro" and ".biz”.

RegistryPro said its expects will be taking domain name registrations by the third quarter of 2001 Afilias, which is a consortium of eighteen domain name registrars, said it was likely to start a registration period for trademark holders as early as the second quarter, rolling out open registration for ".info" about 45 days later. The NeuLevel registry, a joint venture between Melbourne IT Ltd and NeuStar Inc, said it expected to be taking real time registrations for ".biz" by the fourth quarter. Global.Name, backed by Nameplanet.com said its ".names" would roll out its first products for consumers within three months of signing the agreement.


Source: Reuters