Icann details of agreement with VeriSign

Verisign has received some criticism in the past for its control of so many of the most popular net domains. However a new agreement with ICANN will mean that the running of the .org and .net names will be handed over to as yet unnamed organisations.

As reported by BBC News Verisign gets the right to look after the .com domain for four years beyond the US government imposed limit of November 2003. In return for signing the agreement, Verisign will hand over the .org suffix by the end of 2002, and put the rights to the .net domain up for bidding in late 2006. Although Verisign maintains the master list of .com domains and where they are, it registers less than 50% of them. In November last year, Icann selected seven new domains for the internet which are due to be in use by the second half of the year.

Many non profit organisations use .org domains and Vergisign has promised to give financial aid the charities and associations using it. Icann is currently considering a plan to restrict the organisations using .org to non-profit groups only. According to Icann this agreement is in line with its policy of appointing single registries and multiple registrars for domain names.

The Internet Software Consortium has also reported that .com and .net count for almost two thirds of all net names.

Source: BBC News