Foundation of Online Success - Your Domain Names!

We all know that to succeed online you need to find ways to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

But where to start? Try starting where your visitors start - with your domain names. No, that is not a misprint, we really did say "domain names"" not "domain name".

"Why would I ever need more than one domain name?" I hear you cry. Read on... Firstly, let"s start with a couple of definitions:

  • Primary Domain:
  • Name your primary domain name is the name that you will promote as being the name for your website. It will be your Internet identity. It is what your customers will know you


  • Auxiliary Domain:
  • Auxiliary domain names are other names that you will register for your website. You will not normally advertise them, but they will still

    drive customers to your website, and away from the competition.

    To demonstrate the benefits of auxiliary domain names, let"s invent a case study, using a fictitious

    company, "English-Thai Language Services". This company has been trading offline in the UK, selling books and services relating to the Thai Language, and are now

    looking to set up online. Let"s try and help them choose some domain names, using a few simple rules.


  • Rule #1 - Register current company name:
  • So that would be "", right? Perhaps, but remember this is a UK company that mainly has UK customers, for now at least. These customers might

    be more comfortable using the domain name extension. They may even believe that the .com name refers to a different company altogether. So what"s the

    solution? Register both of course. In fact, register in all countries where you have a presence. If you don"t register the name, a competitor might, and merrily redirect

    traffic to their site.

    But what about the hyphen? If a customer sees the domain name "" in a magazine, they will typically remember

    the name, but forget the existence of the hyphen, and end up typing "" into their browser. Therefore I strongly recommend

    registering the non-hyphened version of the name as well as the hyphened one.

    So, using rule #1, we already have four names that we would recommend

    English-Thai Language Services register, namely:



  • Rule #2 - Register a benefit-based domain & use it as the primary domain name:
  • OK, so you"ve got your company name(s)

    registered, but unless you are a large corporation, I wouldn"t recommend using it as your main Internet identity. Why not? Because on the Internet, you need to

    reach out to new customers, customers who have never heard of your company, customers who are being offered services from around the world.

    If there are thirty

    Thai language companies listed on Yahoo!(TM), how do you stand out from the crowd? Simple, you incorporate a "benefit" into your domain name.

    It"s well known

    amongst marketing experts that people don"t buy products, they buy benefits. So instead of being listed as "", you choose a

    domain name that offers a benefit to the customer, a reason why they should click on your link.

    A great example of a benefit-based domain for this particular

    company would be "", since you are offering the customer the benefit of becoming fluent in the Thai language.

    So using rule #2, English-Thai Language Services would register "".


  • Rule #3 - Register a generic domain name & use it as an auxiliary domain name:
  • If you can get hold of a generic

    domain name for your business sector, you have a great marketing edge. Generic domain names produce a regular flow of potential customers to your site without

    you having to spend a dollar on marketing.

    A recent case illustrates the point beautifully. The publishers of a computer game starring Brazilian soccer start Ronaldo

    have offered 150,000 US Dollars to the owner of the domain name The publisher was quoted as saying "Anyone searching for information on

    Ronaldo, whether it is about the forthcoming PlayStation game or any other related merchandise, is automatically going to If we don"t secure the

    name in the next two weeks, we are going to have to spend considerably more on Internet advertising than we would have if we had owned

    For our fictitious company, the generic domain name would be "", since anybody interested in the Thai language will try typing "ThaiLanguage" into

    their browsers before reverting to the lottery that can be the search engines.

    So using rule #3, English-Thai Language Services would register "".

    The complete list of names that I would recommend registering for our fictitious language company is:

  • (Primary Domain Name)

  • Depending on circumstances, there are other rules that can come into play. For instance, some popular English language words are spelt

    differently around the English-speaking world. For instance, Jewelry (US) vs. Jewellery (UK). If you have an international business, you"ll need to register the

    different spellings.

    Of course some of these domain names might already have been registered, and English-Thai Language Services might need to look at purchasing

    the names in the resale market rather than registering them, but that"s the subject of a different article entirely....