.EU Inches Closer to Reality

.EU Now Available for Pre-Registration although official launch is not likely before mid-2005

BRUSSELS -- The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURID)

announced that it expects to complete contract negotiations with

the European commission by mid-September, clearing an important

hurdle along the path to creation of .EU, a pan-European regional

Top Level Domain (TLD). A tentative timeline on the EURID website

indicates an expected delay of 8-9 months after the contract signing

until the beginning of a sunrise period for pre-registrations. Public

registration would begin four months following the completion of

the sunrise period.

While this timeframe suggest there's still a considerable wait until

the launch of the new TLD (originally planned for an early 2004

launch), some registrars are offering you an opportunity to get

involved right now by offering speculative pre-registrations. There

is usually no cost up front, and you pay only if the registrar manages

to register the domain that you are looking for. Although EURID

reminds visitors that official pre-registrations are not yet possible,

as long as you place your pre-registration through a credible registrar

and do not pay anything up front, there is little to lose.

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