Domain Registrations Hit the One Million Mark Down Under

Domain forecasts predict that by the end of November, domain registrations for the Australian ccTLD .AU will have hit the one million mark...


Domain forecasts predict that by the end of November, domain registrations for the Australian ccTLD .AU will have hit the one million mark. This says a lot for a country code TLD from a nation of only 21 million people. According to, the .US ccTLD has almost 1.5 million registrations, but with a population of over 300 million people in the United States, this doesn’t say much. Even the .UK extension, which doesn’t hold any restrictions at the .CO.UK and .ORG.UK level, doesn’t come close to the standard the .AU has set. Only 1% of the UK population has registered a form of the .UK ccTLD.


In addition to the increasing number of .AU registrations, one of the best things the .AU has going for it at the moment is its cheap registration cost. While most domain extensions in the Asian region go for upwards of $50 to $100 per domain registration, the .AU extension has a relatively low cost of just $15 at some registrars. This makes domain registrations of this specific TLD affordable for Australian domain investors and those just getting into the business of owning their first domain.


Throughout the month of November, the Australian domain registry, AusRegistry, has promoted their "1 Million .AU Webnames′ advertising campaign" by urging all Australians and Australian businesses alike to support the growth of the .AU by registering new domains. Just like .CO.UK is the common commercial extension for UK residents, the .COM.AU extension is what is most used in Australia. It’s being heralded as unequivocally patriotic to register a .COM.AU or another second level .AU extension. What better way to show one’s love and allegiance to the motherland than by acquiring a domain from down under?


According to AusRegistry managing director, Adrian Kinderis, the ".AU has sustained an impressive 25% growth each year for the past 5 years." In the prosperous Australian nation, the influx in domain registrations is advantageous and sure to boost the country’s economy while simultaneously boosting national morale. That’s exactly the objective AusRegistry is hoping to achieve.


Due to strict regulations put out by AusRegistry, the .AU and other second level .AU domains (.COM.AU, .ORG .AU etc.) cannot be listed for sale or transferred in Sedo’s marketplace. However, if you’re an Australian resident or trading under a registered business name in any Australian state or territory, don’t let this discourage you from purchasing your own brand new .COM.AU domain. The TLD can still be parked through Sedo.


Two thumbs up and congratulations to AusRegistry for promoting .AU registrations among the Australian population while improving national morale. At the pace of growth the .AU is experiencing, there’s no telling how quickly they’ll surpass the two million domain registration milestone.