Buying and Selling Domain Names During a Time of Economic Downturn

Times of economic downturn have a positive flip side: It’s an opportunity to invest.

Domain investments involve the trading of digital assets which is a huge advantage during the current economic crisis as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Times of economic downturn have a positive flip side: It’s an opportunity to invest.


When the stock market runs low, it’s a chance to buy. The same principle applies to domain names, and diversification is the key: domain investors can switch to buy or sell mode at the flick of a virtual button.


Domain marketplaces such as Sedo have been active during extended periods of financial crises, including the one that brought down the global economy in 2008. Sedo auctions have sustained a long line of domain sales, with a matching number of acquisitions.


Currently, corporate activities are adjusting to the challenges of the Covid-19 effects on the economy.


Numerous technology companies, including Sedo, have moved their operations to 100% home-based activity. It’s a safe, secure continuum of office-based operations, that allows sales and acquisitions to operate without any disruptions.


In that sense, corporations eager to build, expand or change their brands, are actively seeking and acquiring domain names from sellers.


On Sedo, the marketplace works around the clock, enabling sellers to list their domain names, and buyers to search for matching domains benefiting their personal tastes and corporate strategies.


Additionally, themed auctions offering a particular niche to domain investors, such as 4L .com domains, continue to perform extremely well with up 80% of the inventory being sold.


There are two schools of thought regarding domain sales and acquisitions at a time of crisis: One dictates to hold, and avoid engaging in such transactions, and the other points to the direction of conducting “business as usual.”


The second direction creates opportunities that don’t exist during regular times; however, it’s important to ensure that the funds spent on domain names are already set aside for such use: Do not invest money needed for your day to day expenses and livelihood!


So which direction should one take with regards to domain name investing during challenging times?


A fair balance between the two approaches ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunities, while not diving deep into the domain investment game.


At all times, remain informed about trends and opportunities available. You can follow our domain sales announcements at Sedo, and the keyword search data we’re providing weekly.


Examine your domain inventory for matching keywords, if you’re looking to sell, or perform your own research on for other available domains that you might want to acquire.


Don’t forget to follow Sedo on social media for special announcements on existing and newly scheduled domain auctions.