.Amazon – Online retail giant’s uphill battle to use their name

It’s hard to imagine one of the biggest and arguably the most well-known online retailer would have difficulty gaining access to their own brand name as a domain name extension.

But this has been the case for Amazon.com. You may remember our past article about battles in the early days of the internet for company’s domain names. Amazon’s story could be the latest version of struggle for its own .brand name.

This has been in contention since 2013 when ICANN, the governing board of the internet received complaints from governments of countries in the Amazon region objecting to Amazon’s outright use of .Amazon. Their objections are out of concern for potential harm to people living in this region but how would the commercial use of this domain cause harm? Why would ICANN even entertain this as a valid objection? They did and in doing so also strayed away from their own guidelines ones which did not have the Amazon as a protected geographic region. But in a positive turn of events, the original decision is now up for re-review due to a recent Amazon filing.

Just last month Amazon received good news that the initial ICANN ruling is going to be reconsidered because it had previously yielded too much in favor of the GAC which is the division of ICANN representing government interests.

The outcome of this decision is instrumental in the future adoption of .brand extensions. Amazon is a major player and an influencer for other brands. But establishing your .brand needs to be accessible otherwise companies will shy away from the process. ICANN’s previous ruling is overstepping and unless the decision overturned, the ripple effect will be felt through the corporate world and beyond.


Stay tuned for ICANN’s decision and its effects on the overall use of .brands everywhere.