50% of all registered Internet domain names not in use

50% of all registered Internet domain names not in use

Sedo - Our press release from 10/23/2000:

(Cologne, 23. October 2000) It has been discovered in a recent study of domain names that many registrants of Internet addresses are simply 'parking' there. 55% of all the .de domain names registered in the first week of January this year still show the default page given by the ISP or continue to be 'under construction'. Another 13% of domain names are occupied by privately-owned homepages, 20% by firms and other individuals. Furthermore, 11% of the domains function only as mirror sites, and another 1% of them are 'for sale' or 'to let'.

Tim Schumacher, author of the soon-to-be published study conducted at the University of Cologne, which looks into the pricing of Internet domain names, pointed out that among the 30 million domain names that have been registered currently, 2 million are being up for sale again in the secondary market, particularly the .com domains. Possibly another 5-10 million domain owners worldwide could be prepared to part with their domain name at the slightest offer made.

It therefore makes sense to find some way of bringing these domain names, which would otherwise be lost forever, into the marketplace again, even when the legal aspects of the trade is momentarily still shrouded with uncertainty. One would, however, do well to draw a clear line between the illegal domain-grabbing of registered trademarks and the names of people, and the legal and economically meaningful trade of generic domain names such as shopping.de or domainname.de.

Along with his partners Marius W├╝rzner and Ulrich Priesner, Tim Schumacher is a founder of the domain-trading platform and Search Engine for Domain Offers, sedo.de. At Sedo, one is able to look up each of the 1.5 million registered domain names in its database, at no cost at all.

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