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VeriSign will cede control over .org and .net suffixes in exchange for keeping rights to manage .com names.

ICANN board gave approval for staff to finalise contracts for four of the suffixes".info",".name",".pro" and".biz".

Virtual Countries Inc. demands between $5 and 10 million for it

Verisign has received some criticism in the past for its control of so many of the most popular net domains. However a new agreement with ICANN will… has many sections with suggested sites & the TOP SITES RANK (vote the best ones)

We all know that to succeed online you need to find ways to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

But where to start? Try starting where your…

Around the world nearly 20 Million domain names has been registered. Most of them are dotcoms (.com), dotnet (.net) and dotorg (.org). You can imagine…