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A good product needs a brand name – and a memorable internet address. In the pioneer years of the world wide web, it may have been easy to find suitable terms, but by now nearly all promising names are registered. Whoever is looking for a name that concisely describes their product, may have to search long – and often without satisfying results. Alternatively, they can buy an already registered domain name.

These circumstances led to Sedo GmbH’s founding in 2001 and the establishment of the term "domain secondary market." The secondary market is similar to real estate where domain names are the virtual properties of the internet.

In the last few years, the domain secondary market has boomed. In 2009 alone over 38,000 domains were brokered worldwide via Sedo for a value of nearly 76 million USD. Today, Sedo’s has a 60% market share in the international market.

We constantly strive to expand our services to fulfill the needs of current and future domain buyers and sellers. That is how we guarantee that "Sedo" will continue to be an internationally recognized brand name for years to come.

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