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Good ideas and great products need the right name – and an internet address. One that is as easy to remember as possible. But what can you do if your desired domain is already taken?

In the pioneering years of the World Wide Web registering suitable names as internet domains was very accessible, but fast forward to today and most web addresses especially the impactful ones are already taken.

As the largest trading platform for “secondhand” domains, we help customers all over the world to find the perfect domain when a preferable domain of choice is unavailable.

We bring hundreds of buyers and sellers together every day – and with a market share of 60%, we are the leading provider in what is referred to as the "secondary market" for already registered or "used" domains.

Welcome to the world's largest domain marketplace.

With over 18 million listed domains and 2 million customers, Sedo is the world's largest platform for the professional trading of web addresses.

Sedo stands for "Search Engine for Domain Offers" and our online platform currently provides not only a convenient searchable domain marketplace, but also extensive services for domain buyers and sellers: from domain parking to value appraisals all the way up to the brokerage and marketing of domains by our professional brokerage team.

Specifically tailored to customers from the internet industry – one of the world's largest distribution networks for registrars (SedoMLS) offers extensive registry services which we use to support owners of Top Level Domains (gTLDs) with the market launch of their new domain suffixes.

Sedo has been a member of United Internet AG since 2001.

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A wide variety of data and domains is closely analyzed at Sedo to ensure that we can provide the best in internet addresses. Review our own numbers to get to know us better.

From startup to industry leader - a unique success story

Within just a few years, Sedo – the "Search Engine for Domain Offers" has developed into the largest player in the secondary domain market with a 60% market share.

  • Tobias Flaitz
    CEO, Managing Director

    Tobias Flaitz has been the CEO of Sedo since 2012.
    He was previously employed for 5 years at Burda Media/Burda Digital in Munich.

    At Burda Digital GmbH, which unites successful growth companies from the digital business sector under one roof, he held leadership positions in the Strategy and Business Development divisions for B2C and B2B. Before that time, Tobias worked for many years for the international strategic company consultants Booz & Co. and Accenture.

    He has an engineering degree and an MBA from the Universities of St. Gallen in Switzerland, and the University of California in Berkeley, USA.

  • Barbara Stolz
    CFO, Managing Director of Finance

    Barbara Stolz was recently named the new Managing Director of Finance (CFO) at Sedo in February 2016. She manages the Finance & Controlling, Human Resource and Legal business units.

    Barbara began her professional career at Metro AG and gained experience within the corporate sector among the areas of finance, controlling and taxation at various large companies. She began working at QSC AG in 2005 as the Head of Invoicing. In 2009, she became the Business Unit Manager of Finance and was appointed CFO in 2013.

    Barbara has completed vocational training as a publishing company manager and accountant.

  • Hakan Ali,
    Managing Director

    Hakan Ali assumed the position of Managing Director at the Sedo GmbH in 2017.
    In 1998, Hakan Ali founded InterNetX GmbH and has been Director of Marketing and Sales ever since. Under his management, InterNetX GmbH has become one of the most successful Internet service providers for resellers and professional users on the international market.

    Hakan Ali will use his long-standing experience in the domain industry to advance the development of sales synergies and global marketing strategies at Sedo.

    Hakan Ali is also on the board of directors for PSI-USA, Inc. and a member of the board of management at Schlund Technologies.

  • Paul Martin Fawell,
    General Manager, Managing Director of North America

    Paul Martin Fawell has been with Sedo since 2009, and has held the role of General Manager/Vice President of Operations and Finance since August 2011. In his current role, Paul manages day-to-day operations for Sedo's North American office.

    Paul holds a BA in Business Administration and Information Systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining Sedo, he worked for AIESEC US, Inc., the world's largest student-driven organization, as Chief Financial Officer.

  • Christian Voss, CMO

    Before starting to work for Sedo in 2013 Christian Voss was initially a Sedo customer. In January 2016, he became Sedo’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and in 2017, he also took on the domain name Brokerage. From the Sedo headquarters in Cologne, he manages the company’s global marketing and PR activities and promotes its international presence.

    His professional career began as a traffic planner and since 1999 he has been consultant and director of two online marketing and SEO agencies in Cologne.

    Christian Voss studied in Manchester and Göttingen, and has a master’s degree in geography from the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen.

  • Matthias Meyer-Schönherr, CSO

    Matthias Meyer-Schönherr was recently named Sedo’s new Global CSO tasked with leading the company’s sales teams in Cologne, Germany and Boston, USA. With Sedo since 2007, Matthias was previously the Vice President of Global Business Development where he drove critical business development efforts including the establishment and successful expansion of the SedoMLS network. 

    Matthias studied Business Administration at the University of Marburg followed by legal studies at the University of Cologne. 

  • Alexander Poensgen, CTO

    Alexander Poensgen began his career with Sedo in 2014 and assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer in January 2016 where he has led key efforts in modernizing and automating Sedo's software platforms and IT workflows. Before joining Sedo, Alexander led the Software Development Department at the big data startup, Parstream (Cisco).

    Prior to Parstream, Alexander worked as a team leader in the IT sector for over ten years, succeeding his decade-long tenure with the consultancy group, Accenture.

    Alexander Poensgen holds a master's degree in computer sciences from the RWTH Aachen.

  • Joel Ghebaly,
    Head of Product Management

    Joel Ghebaly is the Head of Product Management for traffic monetization at Sedo. In this position he manages all facets of the domain parking program at Sedo and is in charge of PPC optimization, developing new ways of turning domains into money. Furthermore, he has led product development for the purchase and sale of domains.

    Joel has been employed at Sedo since 2005 and has already held many positions in sales, marketing and product management. He formerly held various marketing positions at Microsoft France and Web.de.

    Joel holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from IEP Strasbourg, and a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Paris XIII and Freiburg in Breisgau.

  • Dirk Ochotzki,
    Head of Operations

    Dirk Ochotzki began working at Sedo as the Director of Transfers in 2006. He was appointed the Head of Operations in January, 2013. His range of responsibilities includes the Customer Support, Transfer and Security & Compliance teams.

    He is also in charge of Commercial Services at Sedo. Before coming to Sedo, Dirk gained experience in various mid-level management roles at Sony Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Dirk studied machine technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen.

Awards Sedo has won

Over the years we have won some of the most prestigious awards in the domain name industry.

Company of the Year 2016

Awarded by TheDomainConference

Broker of the Year 2016

Awarded by TheDomainConference to Dave Evanson

Best Aftermarket Platform 2015

Awarded by the World Domain Day

Broker of the Year 2014

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Dave Evanson

Best Domain Marketplace 2014

Awarded by Domainer's Choice Awards

Broker of the Year 2013

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Negar Haiikhani

Best Overall Domain Solution 2013

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Broker of the Year 2012

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Dave Evanson

Best Overall Domain Solution 2012

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Domain Names 2012

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Overall Domain Solution 2011

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Selling Domain Names 2011

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Domain Name Parking Company 2011

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Overall Domain Solution 2010

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Selling Domain Names 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Online Domain Sales Venue 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Domain Name Parking Company 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

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Utilizing many years of experience and a unique market position: Sedo has routinely published valuable news and scientifically sound trend indicators about the international domain name trade.

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We also wanted the ability to easily share the code, and giving someone a lengthy URL or asking them to do a search on our site isn’t very convenient.  On the other hand, a custom domain like culturecode.com is much easier to remember.”

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