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The world's leading platform for domain buyers and sellers

24 million domains for sale

3 million customers worldwide

700,000 domain sales since the start of Sedo

130 employees in Cologne and Boston

6 million parked domains


The first address for your online success

Good ideas and great products need the right name – and an internet address. One that is as easy to remember as possible. But what can you do if your desired domain is already taken?

In the pioneering years of the World Wide Web registering suitable names as internet domains was very accessible, but fast forward to today and most web addresses especially the impactful ones are already taken.

As the largest trading platform for “secondhand” domains, we help customers all over the world to find the perfect domain when a preferable domain of choice is unavailable.

We bring hundreds of buyers and sellers together every day – and with a market share of 60%, we are the leading provider in what is referred to as the "secondary market" for already registered or "used" domains.


Welcome to the world's largest domain marketplace.

With over 24 million listed domains and 3 million customers, Sedo is the world's largest platform for the professional trading of web addresses.

Sedo stands for "Search Engine for Domain Offers" and our online platform currently provides not only a convenient searchable domain marketplace, but also extensive services for domain buyers and sellers: from domain parking to value appraisals all the way up to the brokerage and marketing of domains by our professional brokerage team.

Specifically tailored to customers from the internet industry – one of the world's largest distribution networks for registrars (SedoMLS) offers extensive registry services which we use to support owners of Top Level Domains (gTLDs) with the market launch of their new domain suffixes.

Sedo has been a member of United Internet AG since 2001.

Sedo is perfect for...

  • Companies and startups searching for their perfect address
  • Concise internet domains for marketing and campaigns
  • Developing an online presence for new products
  • Investing in valuable domain names

Sedo for domain buyers

Sedo for domain sellers

Sedo – by the numbers

A wide variety of data and domains is closely analyzed at Sedo to ensure that we can provide the best in internet addresses. Review our own numbers to get to know us better.

  • Michael Robrock

    CEO Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Robrock is Sedo’s Chief Executive Officer. In his role, Michael oversees all customer-facing departments including Sales and Operations, as well as Product and Tech. With a solid background in the domain and online marketing industries, Michael is responsible for leading collaborative efforts to drive core focuses including Sedo’s customer experience and maintaining an exceptionally high level of support.
    As an industry insider and domain expert with 20+ years serving in leadership roles, Michael knows firsthand the intricacies of the domain world and how to deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Paul Martin Fawell

    General Manager, Managing Director of North America

    Paul Martin Fawell has been with Sedo since 2009, and has held the role of General Manager, Managing Director of North America since August 2011. In his current role, Paul manages day-to-day operations for Sedo's North American office. Paul holds a BA in Business Administration and Information Systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining Sedo, he worked for AIESEC US, Inc., the world's largest student-driven organization, as Chief Financial Officer.

  • Arthur Mai

    CSO Chief Strategy Officer

    Arthur Mai has been Chief Strategy Officer at Sedo since July 2022. In this role, he advises the management on the planning, development and implementation of the company's strategy. In addition, he holds the position as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at IONOS and is responsible for the company's marketing activities, as well as sales and the website of our core hosting portfolio. Arthur is a marketing expert with more than 15 years’ experience. Before joining IONOS in 2020, he held the position of CMO at idealo internet GmbH for five years. In 2019, Arthur also took over the role of Managing Director of the subsidiary Comparado GmbH.

  • Dr. Jens Graupmann

    CTO Chief Technology Officer

    In his role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Jens Graupmann is responsible for shaping and implementing the technological strategy as well as continuously advancing Sedo's IT infrastructure. With a career spanning over 20 years as a CTO, manager, and consultant, he has gained extensive experience in numerous industries, ranging from e-commerce and the software industry to automotive and healthcare. Throughout his roles, there has been a particular focus on developing and leading interdisciplinary teams and fostering innovation, both in dynamic startups and large, reputable companies. He earned his Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

  • Christian Voss

    CMO Chief Monetization Officer

    Christian Voß joined the company in 2013. He is responsible for domain traffic monetization and the domain brokerage team and successfully manages his interdisciplinary teams in Cologne and Boston. As a speaker, he represents Sedo and its entire product portfolio at numerous industry events and conferences around the world. He uses his many years of experience in the domain industry to support brands with their digital challenges and to establish a successful domain strategy. In addition to domains, he has a passion for cycling and traveling.

  • Andreas Schmid

    Head of Product Management

    Andreas is Head of Product Management at Sedo. In his role he is responsible for the development of the Sedo Marketplace, Services for Domain Owners and Domain Parking. His focus is to help domain owners succeed in monetizing and selling their domains as well as helping potential domain buyers secure the domain names they need. Andreas joined Sedo in 2013 and held various positions as a Product Manager. Prior to joing Sedo, Andreas held the position of Head of Sales & Marketing in a Couponing Startup and holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne.

Awards Sedo has won

Over the years we have won some of the most prestigious awards in the domain name industry.

Company of the Year 2016

Awarded by TheDomainConference

Broker of the Year 2016

Awarded by TheDomainConference to Dave Evanson

Best Aftermarket Platform 2015

Awarded by the World Domain Day

Broker of the Year 2014

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Dave Evanson

Best Domain Marketplace 2014

Awarded by Domainer's Choice Awards

Broker of the Year 2013

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Nena Haijkhani

Best Overall Domain Solution 2013

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Broker of the Year 2012

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Dave Evanson

Best Overall Domain Solution 2012

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Domain Names 2012

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Overall Domain Solution 2011

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Selling Domain Names 2011

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Domain Name Parking Company 2011

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Overall Domain Solution 2010

Awarded by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Most Innovative Company for Selling Domain Names 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Online Domain Sales Venue 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire

Best Domain Name Parking Company 2010

Awarded by Domain Name Wire


Dharmesh Shah, CTO

"We put a lot of thought into posting valuable content for our customers, partners and even employees, so culturecode.com was a natural place to unveil our own culture code.

We also wanted the ability to easily share the code, and giving someone a lengthy URL or asking them to do a search on our site isn’t very convenient.  On the other hand, a custom domain like culturecode.com is much easier to remember.”

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