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All Top Domains Listings are high-quality domain names that have been manually reviewed and approved by Sedo’s brokerage team.

A domain with the following criteria is likely to qualify as a Top Domain:

  • The domain must have been accepted by the Brokerage Team for Seller-Side Brokerage
  • The domain is short, a real word and is easy to remember
  • It is a generic domain, e.g. like, or
  • The domain is easy to spell and not prone to typographical errors
  • The domain is product-related and therefore has a high commercial value
  • The domain doesn’t violate any third party rights (e.g. trademark rights)
  • The TLD geographically matches the language of the domain name.

Benefits of a Top Domains Listing

Sedo: Top Domains are featured within Sedo’s Domain Catalogue and also rotate through the Top Domains section on the homepage.

GreatDomains: Premium English .com and .net domain names that have been specially selected will also be featured on—Sedo’s premium brand for high quality domain names.

If you feel that one of your domain names fulfills all or most of the criteria listed above you may apply for a Top Domains listing. Just log into your Sedo account and go to the Domain Management Page. Then check off the domains you wish to submit an application for and change the drop down box at the bottom of the page to “Apply for Top Domains Listing”. Applications will be reviewed within 48 hours. If your domain is approved for a Top Domain listing a will appear next to the domain on your Domain Management page. Domains which qualify for a GreatDomains listing will appear with a next to the domain on the Domain Management page.

View Sedo’s Top Domain Listings

Even if your domain doesn’t qualify as a Top Domain you can still feature it on our homepage by ordering a Showcase listing.

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