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Sedo Showcase: More visibility for your domain on our marketplace

Just 1.30 EUR per day
Homepage Showcase

The pole position for your domain

Ensure that your domain gets a top position on our marketplace: We will display your offer as a Showcase on our homepage and additionally as a top hit in every matching domain search.

The advantages: maximum visibility for even faster sales. Ensure the undivided attention of more than 10,000 potential buyers – and do it every day for a whole month.

  • Your domain will appear on the Sedo homepage and as a top hit in all relevant search results
  • Reach more than 10,000 potential buyers every day
  • Runtime: 30 days. Ends automatically
  • Just €39 per month - equals €1.30 per day!

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Just 0.30 EUR per day
Category Showcase

Your domain as a category highlight

Reach potential buyers even more selectively: Have your domain displayed as a top search hit in your desired category – above all other domain offers.

The best way to reach potential buyers who already know which domain category they are interested in, but who have not yet decided on a certain domain.

  • Your domain offer as a top hit in the search results in a category of your choice
  • Targeted sales promotion: Exposure to all buyer groups relevant to you
  • Runtime: 30 days. Ends automatically
  • Starting at just €9 per month - equals €0.30 per day!

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"I was skeptical at first as to whether filtering by category would be done at all when a domain is being searched for. I was mistaken and was able to sell my domain within a very short time."


"Unfortunately I activated SedoMLS only very recently. If I had only known how much faster my domains would have been sold in this way, I would have done it much earlier. After all, it doesn't even cost anything."


Really terrific how quickly I was able to sell my domain using SedoMLS and how quickly the transfer was completed. The transfer including payment was concluded within one day.



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Register for our marketplace for free. You can offer your own domains for sale as soon as your personal customer account is activated and certified.

Enter domains for sale

Just list your domains for sale in order to book a Showcase. First, navigate to the "add domains" menu.

Select domains for promotion

Simply click on "Promote domains" under your domain list and select domains.

Select and book country options

Select country options and categories. And that's all there is to it!

Exclusively for Sedo customers

The global sales network for domains. With more than 650 partners worldwide, SedoMLS is the only genuine global domain sales network. Thanks to global distribution by a constantly growing number of registered websites, your domains will find a buyer up to three times more quickly.

Along with maximum exposure for your domains, you will benefit from quick payouts and automated domain transfers.

And the best part: The global listing of your domains is completely free of charge! Activate SedoMLS today.

Activate SedoMLS free of charge

Free activation

Your benefits

  • More sales: SedoMLS distributes your domains which are up for
    sale to more than 650 network partner sites.
    Broad range of exposure = more sales
  • Fast payment: Payments are processed within one business day
  • Instant transfers: Automatic transfers help to close sales more quickly

SedoMLS – the ultimate boost in sales for your domains

More than 650 international partners - for maximum exposure and 3x faster sales.

Our registrar partners

Have you registered your domain with one of the following registrar partners? Great! This means you can take part in the SedoMLS program.

Following activation of SedoMLS in your Sedo customer account, your domains will be offered on our marketing partners' websites and, of course, on the Sedo marketplace.

Our marketing partners

Domains participating in SedoMLS will be listed and directly offered for sale on the following partner websites.

This means: Maximum exposure for your domains and an immediate transfer for your buyer. All you need to do is activate SedoMLS in your Sedo customer account.